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3ds chat room

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Comments Showing of 14 14 new post a comment ยป. Apr 04, PM. Nintendo 3DS is amazing. Apr 05, AM. My hot girls snap chats has one, I played Starfox 64 3D on it. Cool, it is a pretty awesome game, I the original 64 version of it.

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Yes, this is what a nintendo 3DS needs exactly. I don't wanna talk voodoo chat my "friends".

A message service would be nice. I'd like to have it as one of the multitask apps so that you can press Home while in a game and go in to the chat if z talk like and talk to buddies. I wouldn't mind it being an upgraded pictochat app.

Cause that's both fun and worked great. Digitally Downloaded - best darned game site on the web.

This is my new my old one is salty I girls live chatting in juin on my other so im not a new member. Steam: se' salty Pictochat was nice but needed online. Unless your talking about someone and don't want to say it out loud LOL. For shame!!!

If you add me, I need to at least know you or I won't add you back. I do want a message system though. More importantly, I want in-game invites.

That's the best thing about the PS3 friend's list. And get a chatting app.