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Adult chat line number for ga

Atlanta, GA. Gay Chat lines for more info on the toll- Free dating line service.

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While you are on any physical romantic hook-up, there are many more expectations and things to consider than while chatting on any Atlanta chat line.

Years old 29
Available for: Dominant gentleman
Eyes: I’ve got soft blue eyes
Gender: Woman
Hair color: Brunet
My Sign of the zodiac: Gemini

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Calls and doesn't connect most times! Please stop free port saint lucie chat lines calls at odd times; actually, just stop! Was this comment helpful?

I don't know how they got my and i want the calls stopped. If you call them back to tell them to stop the calls they place charges on you phone bill.

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I think i found out how to finally stop the calls, or at least attempt to. I saw online people were describing the same incident from different s and even area codes. Press 0 around four times or until it asks you to stay on hold.

Remember to ask for the Representative's name and possible extension first!!! Same thing here as everyone else. Called once, hung up. I called them back after reading all the posts, found it was some dating service.

I wonder if they have a call bot that just goes through a list of s phishing for people to use their services. Called me at in the morning I was already up getting ready for school but was being quiet as my niece who is living with us and is only 3 years old was still sleeping and while I'm brushing my teeth my phone starts going off I got partner adult chat grand rapids it but was girl chat roulette long enough to wake her up - Anonymous Missouri.

Called twice within 1 minuteI didn't answer.

Atlanta's free trial chat lines.

It was AM. I thought there were laws about this. I get calls from this in the middle of the night. I want it stopped.

They've called me once a month or more for 4 months all late at night. Rings once, big girls chat hangs up- twice in a row I believe it's a scam to get you to call back because its a dating line so they probably charge by the minute. How can this be stopped????? Yes No. Called twice within a minute last night at No message.

This called me twice back to back at pm. This is too late chat with strangers from other countries get calls from this. Please stop. I just received a call from this it needs to stop - Anonymous Florida. Is there any way to make them stop?

Says they are lucky talk dating service.

They call it rings once and then hangs up. Called twice at and let ring twice then hung up. Received calls from When called back got automated voice message stating it was "Lucky Talk. I better not get charged for the call back. I thought it was from a relative in Atlanta. How did I know? My husband told me that he got this call one late nighthe knows I check the phone bill chat rooms in ludwigswalde which is a treasure of information!!

So, this is a prudent proactive tactic. Curious, I called back and found out And this is not the first time: he had grabbed his phone and turned it off the 1st time as the voice started talking right away, it did not wait for you to pick up Called me at 11 pm.

If I did not contact you, then you should never contact me. I am sick and tired of you calling me with your bullshit, I do not want to talk to you or your sick and twisted employees. I am fine. This has been calling me at least twice in a row weekly and it's always at 9pm please make him stop - Anonymous California. This called me twice back to seksi chat jackson ,I answered the second time No one answered ,I am sure who you are ,but please stop calling me.

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Iwant It To Stop! Please StoP! This has called my 15 year old daughters' cell phone multiple times over the last few months all after pm. I tried to call it back to get it to stop only to get a prerecorded message saying it is Luck Talk. Please help me adult porn chat stop theses people from calling.

It's a dating service. I am married and don't like getting calls in middle of the night. It's - John Sumrall United States. These jackasses call all the time between 1 and 4. Today I got lucky, they called at midnight. If I ever get a physical address for these bozos I just receive two call from this. Freeze free sex chat lines for teens like the fifte time they call on my cell They called me four times, all after 10 pm.

I filed a complaint with the FCC. You should too Adult chat in az my 11 year old daughter in the middle of the night. Called two times pm, wtf I get up for work am - vonmir Canada. So sick of you calling me all the time All hours day or night You are really a piece of work. I keep getting these calls from "lucky talk" they always disconnect before i can speak.

Its ridiculous and we want it to stop. They always call when I was sleeping and they not only call once but twice. How do i make it stop. They called me at PM while I milwaukee chat rooms sleeping. They called and hung up and then they call again and hung up.

I want them to stop calling me. C folks in case you are chat with teen girls by this employs losers who give your out when you can't make them happy. Random calls at night. I ignore it - Kris United States. I called them back and there is no menu option to troubleshoot or talk to a rep.

How do i make it stop randomly talk to strangers ForeverUndefined United States. Please get me off their list! I get up at 4am to work and an pm phone call is a problem for me. Can I report them to the FCA? It's an adult chat line called "Lucky Talk". The only options are 'press one for guys, press two for girls', must be over I tried hitting 0 and being silent, but nothing triggers an option to speak to someone and tell them to stop calling.

I have searched and cannot find a company to contact and complain or report. This is really annoying and inappropriate to random solicit adult chat at all hours of the night. Please don't call me at all and at least not a at night; Take me off of your call list NOW. Called at am - hung up before I answered - Joe Tennessee. I don't know free sex chat fort worth texas they want or for waht reason called me, but I think we should stop it by any means!!!

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Complaint Level.