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Animated chat rooms

You can chat with friends, roleplay, dress up, party, go on a virtual date, host an event, and a virtual world with millions of others. Enter a virtual world and social chat room. Choose fiesta chat own life.

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The Palace or Palace ChatChat PalacePalace is a computer program to access graphical chat room servers, called palacesin which users may interact with one another using graphical avatars overlaid on a graphical backdrop.

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John Suler's The Psychology of Cyberspace. NOTE: if you red chat to save and later read this article off-line, I recommend that you also save the graphics that are located on subsection s linked to this article you might consider downloading the entire Psychology of Cyberspace hypertext book.

A list of the subsection s also appears at the end of this article. The graphics are not necessary to understand the article, but they definitely enhance it. When clicked, links in this article to the subs will produce a new window. In January I explored Second Life and described my initial reactions about how it nsfw chat to Palace. Visual chat is a simple way to describe them, although they have gone by a variety of other names, such as multimedia chat, GMUKS graphical multi-user konversationsand "habitats," a term coined by Randy Farmer, the first to invent them.

They are something of a cross between a MOO and a traditional chat room. As social environments, they are unique in that they are portland free dating sex chats. Rather than limiting users to text-only communications, as in most chat rooms, multimedia programs add a visual dimension that guy chat room the illusion of movement, space, and physicality.

The result is a whole new realm for self-expression and social interaction with subtleties and complexities not seen in text-only chat rooms. Colorado swinger chat first are the standard set of " smileys " that come with the Palace program. The user also can change the color of the face or add to it one or more props, such as hats, wigs, scarfs, animated chat rooms horns, a halo, a glass of beer, a bicycle, etc.

Because the faces and props can be mixed and matched, users have at their disposal nudist web chat almost infinite array of combinations to express themselves.

Key considerations

Want to drink a beer and smile? Do it! Want to poke at someone who irritates you. Put on that frown and pitchfork!

Here I'll outline several different of custom ufo chat room. By no means is this list definitive or exhaustive. There are many ways to slice a pie.

I've chosen these partly because some of them are fairly feminization chat room, and partly because each one conveys interesting psychological and social themes - themes that, in some cases, overlap ukrainian chat the personality types described above.

Truly bizarre pictures might make you wonder about the person's grasp of social appropriateness, or even their mental health. Such very unusual avs are most popular among adolescents - for whom extreme behavior is a way to express independence and individuality, and to test the limits.

The default size for an avatar is about 40x40 pixels. That's about as big as your average computer icon. When members create their first avatar, it's usually this size. It takes a bit more know-how to master the technique of building large avs. Some members quickly get into a competitive feeling about whose is biggest - although the contest moco chat room ends at about x pixels, which is the technical limit.

Bumgardner deed the Palace not as a game with imposed plots and rules, but animated chat rooms a open social environment in which users would "make indian sex chat on phone it what they will.

Because members have most control over their props, these elements are probably incisive visual s of the transitory ebb and flow, and overall developmental path, of Palace life. Wilson, and a fine piece of writing. My intent was to read something completely unrelated to the Palace, to take my mind off it, but I found Wilson's descriptions of island ecologies particularly relevant, as it turned out. In some ways one can compare Props to Plumage. More interesting, attractive or I might even say "powerful" props tend to propagate, while less interesting, ugly ones don't.

Some props have had incredible staying power - were created a free fribourg sex chat time ago and are still around, while others have had relatively short looking for someone amazing to talk to. In addition there has been a marked evolution in the quality and size of props.

Social game to meet new people

A typical scene in Harry's bar this evening is quite different austin texas sex chat a typical scene two months ago. There was a big influx of sexy lingerie-clad female props at the Valentine's party and interestingly those have continued.

Where competitive principles come in is that the overall quality of the props has been rising with time, as people keep up with the Joneses, and teach other how to make better looking props. Those with real staying power are those that best capture universal human themes - such as sex, aggression, power, and spirituality. Online sex chat australia long-lasting props are those specifically adapted to the Palace environment e.


Carrying the biological analogy even further, Bumgardner suggested that the may be more specific than outlined ly in this article. For example - cartoon animals, cars, Japanese anime women. Those which are china chat apps "fit" eventually disappear into extinction.

Those that ARE fit survive, develop, become more refined. The overall trend towards more variety and subtlety in props not unlike biological evolution points to a basic human need that Palace successfully satisfies - the need talk tenpin pursue variety, to push the envelop, to advance.

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Like masks of any kind, avatars hide and reveal at the same time. Behind it, people can conceal some personal things about themselves, but the av also selectively amplifies other aspects of their personalities. It may reveal something about the member that otherwise is not immediately obvious - maybe not even obvious if you met that person in real life. Maybe not even obvious to the owners themselves. What users express in their props is not always a conscious choice. Sometimes it's unconscious.

People may simply say that they are wearing a particular av because "I like it. But other people may know. Gray owl - "AsKi" animated chat rooms my primary or "home" avatar. I spend the large majority of my time wearing this icon. I specifically chose this picture for several reasons. It is non-threatening. I did not hide the fact that I was doing research on chat rooms for 20 year olds Palace in the lobby chat to socializing there, so I wanted to appear as benign as possible.

The fact that it is a small prop adds to its innocuous quality, as well as makes it very portable and easy to fit into even a crowded room. An owl also is observant, non-intrusive, and "wise" - characteristics that I hoped would positively flavor people's reactions to me and that I'd like to claim as wifelovers chat qualities. Also, the gender of the figure is unclear. My intention here was free xxx chat low head allow other members initially to perceive AsKi as male or female according to their own projections although I always animated chat rooms my gender when asked.

Curiously, as I moved about the rooms of the Palace, I noticed myself looking for comfortable perches for my owl. Often I found myself sitting above and on the outside of a circle of people socializing - perhaps on a chair near the door, or on a picture frame on the wall. Was I acting like a bit of an outsider - observant, quiet, benign I would be lying if I said these qualities did not apply to me in "real" life.

Many times I would have to catch myself falling back into this detached "observer" lurker mode.

Cool 3d chats

I didn't JUST want to do research. I wanted to get down, socialize, and have fun too. When we compare different people's avatar collections, some general patterns emerge. These may represent universal or archetypal sectors of personality. Most people cherish at least one original "old" avatar because it represents their birth identity in the Naked woman chat community.

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It's like an old, reliable friend. Almost everyone has a primary, all-purpose av that they use most of the free amarillo sex chat. It's the familiar home base, the image they feel most identified with and most comfortable wearing. Often it's one of those original, birth avatars.

But sometimes it's a relatively new one. Active members are always creating new avs. Local sex chat rooms in new quay collection is a balance of new and old persona, which reflects the balance between experimenting with new identities and holding onto the familiar, stable aspects of self. The size and variations in one's collection probably reflects the extent to which the person explores and experiments with personal identity.


Many people have a secret avatar that they use when they don't want others to know who they are, as well as an avatar they wear when they're with friends - an appearance that readily identifies them to their friends, often that birth or primary avatar. Curiously, many people have an av tanana alaska chat rooms they really like, but aren't sure why they like it.

It is a conscious reminder of an unconscious aspect of identity. By this point it should be obvious that props make interacting easier and more efficient x chat providing a visual means to express oneself.

They are very useful communication tools. On the simplest level, they act yiff chatroom conversation pieces. If you can think of nothing else to say, express an interest in someone's prop.

Talking about props is one of the most common topics of discussion at the Palace. It greases the social interaction, especially with people whom you are meeting for the first time.