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Bad dragon size chart

Not all dildos are built to be equal. Bad Dragon exists to ensure that the tables stay turned, and the Nocturne is no exception.

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Quite simply, I love it. I love everything about it. Its shape, its de, its colour.

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This simple toy Looks so unassuming; No knots, no weird geometry or curves. Just some small nubs, and a Youngerteen chat shaft but man does this toy lead you to ecstasy and in a hurry.

When this toy sex chat rooms benicha came out, I immediately put in an order for a medium sized, firmness 5. Just a few black drips in the color of the balls, witch I think look good. If your short on funds, Not anally picky hehe Keep an eye on the flops, Great deals, but they go fast! For how thick this toy is, I found it surprisingly easy to start.

The head is perfectly tapered, flowing into the shaft with out much of a bump. He has really free los angeles fuck chat line details around the head, with the feline inspired barbs; but in a much softer more enjoyable texture. The spot for a cum tube is perfectly place and even with out that option it still looks like it belongs there.

The shaft has a very gentile graduation from the head to its full thickness. Near the base there is another little free sex chat rooms channel islands kentucky up in thickness, but the clever cocksmiths at Bad Dragon have made this lip easy to handle since it grows out from the front of the shaft and around to the back of the toy.

In every size this toy has the perfect base. His huge balls balancing the toy and keeping him standing up right on any surface. And the feeling of accomplishment when you bottom out; feeling those orbs pressing ageist you.

Pure pleasure. Moko might have unseated Duke as my favorite point head Bad Dragon chat with random starngers tho I do still really love him. Closest thing I can classify him as is a stretching toy.

The best way to describe this toy in one sentence. Its like Duke only much thicker!!

Order himyou will not be disappointed. Some one asked me to take chat to me more detailed measurements shots, even with all the s its really hard to convey just how big this toy is.

These measurements are very rough, Its really hard to measure every facet of a dildo XP.