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Beautiful woman talking through euless

Euless, Texas was first settled in about as a small farming community in North Central Texas.

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Euless, Texas was first settled in about as a small farming community in North Central Texas. It was incorporated in and at the time of the U. Census had a population of 46, The Imo free chat of Euless encompasses approximately At the time of this interview she was working for the City of Euless as a liaison to the Euless Historical Preservation Committee. Gary Fieldsend: is a resident of Euless, Laredo free sex chat. At the time of this interview he was a member of the Euless Historical Preservation Committee.

Ofa Faiva-Siale: Well, thank you for taking this time to speak with us. Today we are doing an oral history recording of Mrs. Can you tell us your full name? Helen Gleghorn: Ann Park, she was from Dallas. Frederick Alvin Trimble]. I remember those cold, cold mornings bundled up in a coat, a good warm coat…. Helen Gleghorn: I went from first grade through 12th. That would be I believe the year I online chat with friends free was and I graduated in Now, when we finished the 6th grade, we went to the high school building.

We skipped the 7th grade because we free porn chat gainesville just a 11 year school at that time. They added the 12th grade while I was there, so everyone just skipped a grade and automatically advance one grade up.

So we went from 6th grade to 8th grade and we thought we were grown! We were in "high cotton" general laughter.

Ofa Faiva-Siale: Did you have a favorite subject in school; did you have fond memories of school? Helen Gleghorn: Oh I have a lot of memories. By the time we got to 8th grade, the United States was just getting involved in World War II and our favorite thing to do was gather scrap metal.

Nebraska chat cemetery is absolutely beautiful now but anony talk when I wasit was a dumping ground for junk. Lonely women chat rooms in appin got more scrap metal from the cemetery than we did from the road side. Helen Gleghorn: Yes, most of the early settlers are buried there.

My Mother and Daddy are buried in Colleyville. He sold, I believe it was 10 acres; he sold it to Arch and Della Cannon and added it to the cemetery going east.

The Cannons bought it for their family; it was going to be the family plot. Nobody is buried there except Mother Cannon and Granddaddy. Their children are buried somewhere else. Ross deeded the property to the cemetery in Helen Gleghorn: Henry Ferris, H.

Helen Gleghorn: Well, her daddy came from Tennessee when all the Fullers came. Helen Gleghorn: Asian adult women chat name was Emma Walls.

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Emma or Emily, Fuller, was killed on a horse and buggy accident. S omewhere or another the buggy turned over and it killed him. Helen Gleghorn: Yes, and girl talk chat just goes to show that we got to stay on good terms with everybody, nobody ever knows when or what. When my granddaddy, Henry B.

Koonce, [Robert L. Koonce, after ] and I never knew his first name.

I started to suggest to him that he come with me today but then I thought no, we would get adult chatrooms free a big argument and that would hamper our little interview here so you will have to talk to him separately. Ofa Faiva-Siale: Laughter I understand. We might just have to do that. Let me ask you about funerals back then?

Are there something about funerals that were different back then than how they are done now? Helen Gleghorn: Yes, the services as I can remember were just nearly always held under the tabernacle [at Calloway Cemetery]. I wish, I wish I could remember whose funeral it was.

Ofa Faiva-Siale: Were there wakes or anything like that back in those days? Or did they have to bury the free trial chat number within a certain time frame? Helen Gleghorn: Well they took them to their home, most of time. I can remember when they stopped doing that, the funeral homes, you know. But they would take them home, and men would sit up all night long at the house where the body was.

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They would go in two hour shifts and I remember Daddy would always be on one shift. And I can remember him sitting out there in the yard on cane bottom chairs, the men. Ofa Faiva-Siale: And then after that, they would take him for burial the next morning? Helen Gleghorn: I married Glen Gleghorn in And if somebody called and ask for Mrs. Gleghorn with the "h"I ask, "what are you selling? Helen Gleghorn: Yes his birthday is March 22nd and he was born in Yes we live here in Euless.

She decided to go riding and she asked me to go with her, and I did and he saddled my horse and so that is sex chat room in `arab ughlu ye bala I met him. Ofa Faiva-Siale: Was there something you recall about courtship or you know about courtship back in those days that might be different from todays? Helen Gleghorn: Speech and a minor in English. I free sex chats no ammanford be getting ahead of myself, but the basketball coach at that time, inthat was just a small, little college [Texas Wesleyan] and everybody knew everybody.

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The basketball coach came to Euless as Superintendent the year I graduated. His name was Johnny Edwards and he bugged me for two years to come and teach in Euless. That was two years before we consolidated. Then I went to L.

It was just Hurst and Euless. Then Bedford talk to older women to become a part of it later. Ofa Faiva-Siale: Ok. Do you recall any major illnesses or health problems that you might have had over the years?

And if you did how that was dealt with or how was it handled? Helen Gleghorn: Well, no, Dr. We either went to Dr. McKissick or Dr. Bobo and McKissick were in Arlington, Dr. Gilbert in Irving. See, Daddy worked in Dallas even after they moved back here he worked at the Ford Plant for 19 free chat lines near me. Ofa Faiva-Siale: So he drove up there every day? And when you were sick you all just stayed up there?

I remember my mother would fix his lunch and wrap it in a newspaper. Helen Gleghorn: No not much. What would you say was a normal lunch back then? Helen Gleghorn: Some kind of sandwich, Daddy always killed a hog in November or the first cold spell and they would preserve the meat and we had a lot of ham.

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Helen Gleghorn: Yeah, smoked it, but I never got in on that, I just ate it. Daddy raised vegetables; he was a farmer as well as urbate chat nurseryman. The house was west of Main on the south side of Pipeline. Ofa Faiva-Siale: Do you remember anything that your grandparents might have talked about from their early lives, when they were younger?

Helen Gleghorn: Not necessarily, Granddaddy [Arch Cannon] just always worked all the time at the nursery. Ofa Faiva-Siale: I understand the nursery business was a very influential business at that time. Now, her daddy was Joe Whitener [Joseph Ebenezer Whitener, ] and that was my great-granddaddy. I was 9 when wealthy men chat died, and I wished that I had been older and had paid more attention to the things that he told me.

I would sit out there in that back porch and he would tell me about his life. One day he said; "Helen if you crawl up under the house you might find some coppers," and I said; "Grandfather I have to go casual sex chat and he said, "okay.

He called pennies, coppers laughter. That was the end of that conversation but then I wished I had known and crawled adult chat sylvan pennsylvania pa there because pennies were hard to come by back then.

Ofa Faiva-Siale: How interesting.