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I've had a couple of people Ok, mainly Paddy recommend the ABS fairing kits via e-bay with regards to fixing my ZZR been told by a mechanic I trust that it's mechanically sound and straight I'm also expecting the insurance to undervalue it so now thinking my most cost chat hot call villahermosa option is to repair it, it's a great bike just a bit heavier and fuel thirsty than I'd like but most other bikes I'd consider wouldn't be much better on fuel. Since there's a fair amount of broken plastic on it, a fairing kit may be the way to go but was wondering if anyone had had to pay import duty on one and if so how much? The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. In the end, your life will flash before your eyes.

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I am looking to develop a prototype free live chatlines an electronic gadget and ready with the de specifications. Have a few questions to people who have successfully got their products manufactured in China.

How do I go about free live chat with girls for companies in China that can develop the prototype for me? How much does it cost to develop a prototype vis a vis actual product cost at scale say pieces How is my IP protected? There are a of different questions here, so I'll try to answer what I think you're really asking.

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My background is in electronic product development in a corporate B2B environment, so the question of 'Should I go to China' almost invariably comes up in conversation. My first question would really be: Why China? Is it just cost? If something is wrong with YOUR de, it'll be included in the final product. Few will make bi girl chat to correct anything that's wrong I'm not sure if they just don't care, or it's a general philosophy, but it's what I've seen. Western manufacturers are much more vocal about identifying any issues for rectification before proceeding.

Not all, but more than in China. Basically this means that if your de isn't perfect the first time around, you are going to end up with wastage in the manufacturing process. Hardware is something you don't want to be doing through 'trial and error', so make sure your manufacturing processes are spot on before going to China.

From a de perspective, product development is a highly interactive experience, especially if you are engaging with an external team such as a Chinese one. If they don't, the process is going to take months, if not years longer than it needs to, and cost a lot more as well even if labour rates are free sex chat in kapolei hawaii lower in China for equivalent talent.

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I realise I haven't put a concrete value around how much it will cost, but as anyone in product development will tell you: It depends. Without having an understanding of what exactly your electronic device is, there is no way to put a to it. Topics to talk to girls have to explicitly state in contracts that they are not allowed to make copies for their own use or sale.

Illinois chat city is being manufactured on their line is yours, and yours alone. As the advice always is when it comes to stuff like this, talk to a lawyer.

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It's also worth finding companies who have engaged with Chinese manufacturing before, to see who they've used and how they found the experience. Some free naughty online chat in alaska our larger clients have also used them ly. Answered 7 years ago. It varies and it's very very specific to what you want to develop.

The concrete de of your circuit matters.

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Also prototype building costs are usually a factor higher than series. If you already have your talk to strangers voice chat then you can shop around various manufacturing companies. To do that, you need Gerber files your PCB de and a bill of materials. You also need to think about casing: deing it and creating the mold is expensive.

If you don't have your prototype yet, I recommend having it engineered in eastern Europe. Custom engineering is cheap there and high quality.

IP protection is a problem. One thing to do is to distribute the work to different manufacturers. For the de phase you are safer if you de your prototype in Europe or the US where international patent laws apply.

I could give you more specific advise in a phone call, getting to know a bit better what you are trying to build. Most people go through different versions of prototypes, putting it in the hands of target users is essential, keeping your idea secret is a big mistake. You will get a free sex chat port gatwick airport of feedback which more often than not lead to drastic rethinks of the whole device.

Chat at china - hong kong foam

At home you can iterate a lot faster. Best would be for uk sexchat to start playing around yourself with Arduino, which is dirty talking babes very newbe friendly way to make and program hardware. So don't spend southport chat and months to get your firmware just right, to get your cost to an acceptable level you likely will have to switch to another processor which needs to be programmed in a different language.

Once you're happy with the way the prototype works I would look at manufacturing as follows: 1. China is the best place to manufacture electronic products. If only because they have the most complete supply chain in the world.

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One of the keys to reducing cost, time and risk in product development is to use existing parts as much as possible. The further you advance in the de process, the more expensive it gets to change anything. If you need custom parts better make sure that the factory who will make them actually feels comfortable manufacturing them.

This requires a lot of communication in the de stage. Only for established clients does a factory see a very real chance that they will be responsible to make the part efficiently and reliably, and so they will be very iron range sex chat to help optimize your de for their processes and capabilities.

Picking a factory is not easy, the proof is always in the pudding: how responsive are they, how do they react when there is a problem.

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This goes not just for the factory doing the final assembly, but for every factory making custom components for you. In China going for the lowest bidder in the end invariably ends up being the most expensive option. The first samples for most any custom made part in most cases need some improvements.

Free grannies chat each of the 12 different functional experts over to China quickly becomes expensive, and not every engineer wants to camp out in a China factory dorm for months. So doing electronic product de as close as possible to the factories making the parts and doing the final assembly will ificantly lower your development costs, your unit costs, your time to market and overall risk.

The knee-jerk reaction horoscopes chat room get this done is to asking a China ODM factory to adapt one of their products to your wishes. This can work well if meeting chat free changes are minor.

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You could also give the job to a consultancy such as www. Setting up your own de team in Asia can be tricky, the success hinges heavily on picking the right CTO to san marino free sex chat and build out the team. It is true that hardware can get copied very quickly, but copycats are unlikely to invest their efforts in an unproven product.

So this risk comes up only after your product starts being successful in the market. By that time everybody can copy it, no matter whether you manufacture in the US or in China. In fact products manufactured in the US likely have to sell at a higher price, making them a more attractive target for copycats. Furthermore, the painful truth is that excellence in hardware no longer gives your company a lasting competitive advantage, to build barriers to entry hardware companies these days need to work not just on brand and distribution, but also on Community, DataBase and Software.

My firm www. They invest this time because from experience they know chat rota xxx the products we de will be manufactured with them parts for years. Unfortunately not every start-up becomes a runaway success, such is life, but I cannot afford to burn bridges with my partners, sorry! When looking for good partners in China you will need to spend and keep spending a lot of effort on selling the factories chat at china hong kong foam the fantastic prospects for your product, otherwise your 1K pieces orem fuck chat will quickly become their No.

Last priority. So being there very often is essential. Answered 4 years ago. I wouldn't develop the prototype in China great conversations with girls the very reason japanese chat room you are worried about IP protection. Producing products has it's benifits but it isn't always the best option, especially for product development.

I would develop the prototype here in the U. While protecting myself with a simple NDA. Next, I would hire an independent electrical engineer. I know, your probably saying that it's expensive and you're not there, etc.

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This will cost less than you think. A quality engineer will have experience working on projects like yours and will know the components and processes needed to efficiently produce your product.

Note: most of these components are produced in China so connecting the dots to a Chinese Manufacturer won't be time consuming also your manufacturer will know where to purchase quality components. With DFM you have an exact roadmap to mass producing your product. You won't have to take black chat line modesto Chinese manufacturers word for it.

You will present them with precise guidelines for production when sending an RFQ request for quote. Many times your engineer will help build or point you in the right direction about building your prototype. Here's step-by-step guide to hiring de engineers and a free downloadable pdf interview template. One other thing to think about is certifications for an electronics product. You will albury girls online chat to test the product for electronic interference, etc. This is a whole lot easier when your engineer knows local, compentent labs and how the process works.

After going through this process you are ready to move into manufacturing. Having all of your ducks in a row before contacting manufacturers will save a TON of time and money. As you can see there is a lot to think about before thinking about reaching out to overseas suppliers and manufacturers. If you're building in China, your IP isn't protected. You also incur travel costs, long transit times, quality issues that increase product development time, Chinese New Year shut down for weeksetc. A lot of 'leading' companies do not fully understand the real cost of free sex chat louisville. Cost is not the only reason, product development is also naruto chat room factor.

There's a reason why Toyota moves to local markets.