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Welcome to the Coco for Cannabis Chat Room! The best place to ask any cannabis growing questions and get quick answers! We welcome cannabis growers and everyone who wants to share, learn, and grow together in the spirit fit lads chat collaboration.

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Age 33
Ethnicity: Panamanian
Sex: I am woman
I have piercing: None

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Do you smoke pot? Because weed look cute together!

Funny weed pickup lines

Hey baby, let's make like a blunt and roll. I have a huge kush on you. Want to get cough-ee with me?

What kind of grinder are you using? Are you a drug? Cause I marijuana take you home tonight.

You, me and Mary Jane. Is that a 9 inch t in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Stoner dating app

Are you a t? You wanna come over to my place and suck my bong?

Wanna help me smoke this t? Wait, is there anyone else in the room right now?

I want to T-H-See you naked! I am so hammered I want to nail you to the wall.

Are you a chonger? Because you took my breath away. Pick Up Lines Galore!

Marijuana and Weed Pick-up Lines for Stoners.