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Mfe Mm f : Some Australians drink 30 cups of coffee a day.

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BJ Pajama Party. I am who I am, chat up girls it or leave it. If you think you remember me drop me a line I would orqnge to meet for drinks sometime.

What is my age 29
Available to: Man
Color of my iris: Clear blue eyes
Gender: Woman

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Post by gosanke » Mon Oct 05, am. Post by Liamjohn10 » Fri Oct 16, pm. Post by copperman05 » Fri Oct 16, pm. Post by Jimbob » Fri Oct 16, pm.

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Post by ut » Fri Oct 16, pm. Post by Charlie » Sat Chats tasmania 17, pm.

Post american chatting Liamjohn10 » Sat Oct 17, pm. Post by mrash » Sat Oct 17, pm.

Post by Liamjohn10 » Sat Mar 26, pm. Post by Tricky » Sun Mar 27, am. Post by Liamjohn10 » Sun Mar 27, am.

Post by copperman05 » Sun Mar 27, pm. New member mi All things Mi related can be found in here.

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Post Reply. Re: New member mi Quote Post by gosanke » Mon Oct 05, am Very nice, will keep and eye out for you as I'm not too far away.

Mi Melbourne Red. Getting mine in exact same colour on 24th and like you I can't wait. Present: Mi, Melbourne Red. Past: Mi, Mineral Grey, hp lbft. Re: New member mi Quote Post by Jimbob » Fri Oct 16, pm Car needs lowering, the wheels will look much, much better free sex chat free if you don't decide to change them.

Also the grooves behind the facia are a pita to keep clean - just a dirt trap. I would remove the silver now you've run the gauntlet of black kidney grills Trust me the black thing wont stop.

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It just looks so right. Keep us updated on the progress. Currently running an Mi 3dr mg with coral!!

Got an Mi on order, Melbourne with oyster!! Hope you enjoy, I'll keep an eye out for you!!

Re: New member mi Quote Post by Liamjohn10 » Sat Oct 17, pm Yeah I'm up for that seems theirs quite a few around here, I'm always looking for other guys on the forum! Keep in touch and we can organise something soon!

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Re: New member mi Quote Post by mrash » Sat Oct 17, pm Enjoy the car, one thing you'll learn from this forum is just don't bother putting your wallet away. Kindness costs nothing, but means everything. First talking to strange men I did is buy the M-Performance kit this kit totally transformed the car and in my opinion the car now looks as it should have done from factory, Next I decided I wanted the M 19inch wheels, eventually found a set which didn't break the bank too much from Germany, Selling my old wheels on classifieds Unfortunately they came with Perrelli run flats which I'm not really a fan of, I'll be getting some Michelins as soon as I can afford it!

Hopefully next I want a sports cat and an cat Bak exhaust not sure which one? Liam Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Herman eBay? Jb4 and dp certainly makes for a more fun drive ime. Opening up exhaust is a must as these engines found epic once 1 on 1 free chat from the stock setup.

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The wheels really go well with the portuguese chat much better than the standard alloys. I wouldn't rush out and spend money on new rubber yet, just run those tyres down then change to MPSS when you have to. In the meantime you can invest in other areas like the JB4 and Downpipe. One thing you do need is the MP black carbon wing mirrors, either source original or a member on here got M4 black carbon reps from eBay which look really good too and not expensive either.

Hope to see you around again soon bud.