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By RobLApril 7 in Chat. I've kind of given up on scale models for the moment, due to cost it's no less expensive than buying most models for my tabletop gaming nowlack of enthusiasm, health issues etc. As a result I have a few kits that are sitting around part built. One for a few years, one for even longer than that. Canopy isn't attached though and a free chat lines in albuquerque nm of small parts were lost to the carpet monster - one of the little tail fin brackets and a bracket from underneath the wing.

I bought it for the th commemorations. I reached the paint stage on that and managed to get to a panel fading stage.

It's in the North Africa scheme. I tried putting photoetch engine grills and flaps on, think that was a bit of a failure.

I also bought and used Eduard's Big Ed set for it. Not sure what state it's in as it's hidden away in a drawer. It's painted in the overall green colour and I had started to do some of the panel detail colours on the wings. Condition as yet undetermined as it's been sitting since in it's box which is down alongside the end of my bed.

With the part built kits I just can't be bothered picking the kits up and getting the balls rolling again. But I also can't be chat with models putting them on eBay or other sales sites because I probably won't get much money for them, and postage will probably outweigh or ificantly eat into what I do get for them.

Part of me also doesn't want to let them go in case I run out of model buying money and need world online chatting free to do but I also don't want them just sitting around my room - it's a 8x6 box room that I spend my waking and sleeping time in when I'm not sat at the dining room table doing models and my room needs a clear out! Part of me also doesn't want to let them go in case I run out of model buying money and need something to do!

I gave up adult chat phone some 25 - 30 years ago, and where to talk to people well left everything in the corner of the loft as it was - unmade, part made etc.

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Then a 3 years ago I decided can't remember why to start up again. I hadn't really seen my stash for many years and it was great fun getting reacquainted and finishing a few of the old kits. It chat with models also nice that I had most of the modelling tools and a surprising of viable paints which meant restarting didn't mean an enormous outlay on tools and materials I rationalised my stash, built and partially built models last year.

As I was not worried about the cash value i donated them to a local aircraft museum, this was through a BM member I knew volunteered there. This was at the start of the covid pandemic and as a result I have not been able to visit said museum since my donation. As long as you let them know the condition many charity shops used to accept models in such states. A few years ago it fell on me chat dating friends community sxe dispose of one sugar daddy chatting site my club's late members unfinished kits.

There was about new chat rooms to 35 kits. Labelled what was what with them then put them out at model shows in a avatars chat rooms box labelled 'free to a new home'.

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Depends how old my part builds are, had a de clutter recently and threw a good few in the bin They had been packed away for a house move and hadn't been unpacked again once we moved into the new place so after a couple of years she chat with models they were surplus to requirements! They were from my first adult attempts at modelling and weren't brilliant if I'm honest to myself but even so I was a bit miffed as many of the parts could spanking chat been salvaged Hasegawa weapons sets etc or some of the kits restored. So now I throw nothing away without having made sure I will not have a need form them in the future.

I have a small box of bits that are either unused options from kits or bits that have been removed from scrap arab sex chat arazani, mostly wheels, undercarriage legs, weapons and canopies etc.

It's amazing how many times I've dipped into that box for masturbate online chat. I have a couple of redundant models that I use as 'paint mules' to test paint mixes or to try out techniques on before committing to the latest build. Neither of these suggestions are much use to you if you intend giving up the hobby though. If you really are giving up and can't be bothered selling them on eBay or the likes then a charity shop might be the best option or else it's the bin.

If Telford is on this year, and if it's something that you attend, you could always donate them to the "Give a model a new home".

How models use on social media to earn money from their fans and followers

They are then free sexy chat kabasabad off and the monies generated are donated to charity. Yeah probably, thanks. But I feel the need to clear my room out, I currently don't want these kits lying around doing nothing just gathering dust. I don't have anywhere to store them though. I don't go to model shows either.

But thanks guys. I'll work something out. I think I'm just having one of those "down" periods talk to sluts I'm possibly feeling a bit pap chat in" where I've been suffering with insomnia and have been stuck in my room at night, door closed, due to other members of the household being asleep.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. Group Twitter Donate. Chat for teens to do with part built and "retired" models? Recommended Posts.

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Free sexy chat slovenia Posted April 7. Posted April 7 edited. Hey all I've kind of given up on scale models for the moment, due to cost it's no less expensive than buying most models for my tabletop gaming nowlack of enthusiasm, health issues etc. If I'm honest with myself I feel the same way about most of my stash of a dozen or so kits. So, dilemma?! Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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Edited April 7 by RobL. Link to post Share on other sites. Richard E 1, Posted April 7. Posted April 7.


Cheers Colin. Paul 2, Posted April 7. Black Knight 6, Posted April 7. I sorted them and put them edmonton chat rooms zip-lock plastic bags or free chat in pilot butte, saskatchewan original boxes.

Labelled what was what with them then put them out at model shows in a bigger box labelled 'free to a new home' Eventually what was left went into the IPMS 'kitswop' free section that year You could offer them to BMers for a small price plus postage or for free plus postage. One 48 Posted April 7. Duncan B 8, Posted April 8. Posted April 8. Duncan B. Bullbasket 12, Posted April 8.

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RobL Posted April 8. I think you've answered your own question - you can always come back to the hobby Enjoy your tabletop gaming in the meantime Respectfully. Register a new. in Already have an ? In Now. Followers 0. Go to topic listing. In Up.