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Twitter engagement between surgeons provides opportunities for international discussion of research and clinical practice. Understanding how surgical tweet chats work is important at a time when increasing reliance is being placed on virtual engagement because of the COVID pandemic.

Individual tweets from the May BJSConnect tweet chat were extracted using NodeXL, complemented by Twitter searches in an internet browser to identify responses that had not used the hashtag. Aggregate free sex chat lines halifax tx of tweet views were obtained from a third-party social media tool Twitonomy and compared with official Twitter Analytics measurements.

In total 37 Twitter s posted tweets or replies relating to the only looking for someone to talk to chat. A further s disseminated the tweets via retweeting. Only The rest were identified by searching for replies 61quoting tweets 20and posts by BJSurgery that used the hashtag but did not appear in the Twitter search Third-party estimates of potential reach of the tweet chat were greatly exaggerated.

Understanding the extent of the discussion generated by the BJSConnect tweet chat required sonic chat beyond the hashtag to identify replies and other responses, which was time-consuming. Estimates of reach using a third-party tool were unreliable.

Se obtuvieron estimaciones agregadas de las dirty snap chats de tuit a partir de una herramienta de redes sociales externa Twitonomy y se compararon con las mediciones oficiales de Twitter Analytics.

En total 37 cuentas de Twitter colgaron tuits o respuestas relacionadas con el chat de tuits. Las estimaciones del alcance potencial del chat de tuits por parte de terceros fueron enormemente exageradas. Las estimaciones sobre el alcance utilizando una herramienta de terceros fueron poco fiables.


Scientific and clinical work relies on close collaboration between peers, across disciplines, and learning from colleagues across the world. However, the COVID pandemic has resulted in cancellation of physical meetings both locally and internationally throughout Understanding how virtual discussions work on social media is therefore a priority.

A tweet chat is an open discussion on Twitter that is usually structured around a of predefined questions. Participants from around the world can contribute, using the various how to use zoosk chat for free of Twitter, for example embedding images, sharing links, mentioning other Twitter users, replying and sharing, and quoting other tweets.

Ideally, every tweet and reply in a tweet chat should include the relevant hashtag, for example BJSConnect. However, it is easy to forget to use the hashtag as in verbal conversation individuals do not typically keep referring to the topic or individuals they are talking about.

A tweet chat itself requires chairing and direction just like any meeting. During the surgical community started to organize and study social media activity in a coordinated fashion. The large of tweeting participants in global movements such as SoMe4Surgery 3 and international conferences makes for a dense social network map that can be difficult to decipher visually.

Unpicking a tweet chat, with a more manageable of anonymous app chat and tweets, is a more realistic prospect.

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Social network analysis usually focuses specifically on tweets that used the hashtag. The present study aimed to look also at the wider activity, adding in both the replies that did not use the hashtag, and tweets quoting other tweets that had used the hashtag. By including these additional posts, the aim was to capture the social media conversation more fully in order to understand the wider reach of social media activity, and how that might apply to larger events such as conferences and health awareness campaigns.

This paper used a BJSConnect tweet chat The specific tweet chat was chosen because there had been a particular focus on extending the audience, with the journal Twitter bjsurgery sharing a social network map from a tweet chat earlier in the day 5. Individual tweets, retweets, and participants were extracted from NodeXL data using methods described ly, to document tweeters, retweeters, and s that were mentioned in posts 2. NodeXL captures tweets that included the hashtag.

These tweets were captured in a Wakelet summary, ordered chronologically 8. Twitonomy was used because it produces automated reports rapidly and has built in geographical mapping; it also estimates the of times a hashtag has been viewed minecraft chat roomusing the same assumptions as medical third-party tools such as Symplur.

Additional tweets teen chat ooms to the BJSConnect conversation were identified by three methods, recording the unique Twitter identifier URL including a digit for each chatting at bjs. First, all tweets using the BJSConnect hashtag from the stated period were displayed in an internet browser and the tweets with replies viewed individually replies up to 31 May were recorded on 16 June Chat gratis en mexico quoting tweets were added if they had not already been identified as using the hashtag.

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These tweets did not appear in the original NodeXL extract, and neither did they turn up in a Twitter search for the hashtag. These additional tweets were also added to the Wakelet summary 8. To explore the conversations for the eight questions posted by bjsurgery during the tweet chat free no email, it was also necessary to follow the trail of tweets, replies, and quoting tweets.

The tweets were organized in the sequence of replies. Twitonomy provided estimates of reach, audience, and a geographical map of the location of tweeters and retweeters based on information in their user profiles and mapping via Google Maps. Twitter Analytics figures for the bjsurgery for 23 May were accessed and downloaded. NodeXL captured data on tweeters, retweeters, and Twitter s mentioned in tweets In total, 13 s posted tweets using the BJSConnect hashtag.

online dating phone number exchange Ninety-nine s posted original content or shared that content through retweets. Twitonomy found the same of users in a search for the hashtag The earliest tweet, posted a week before the tweet chat, announced the event, using the hashtag.

This tweet was shared in a variety of ways during 16 and 17 Mayincluding retweets, replies that listed chatting at bjs names of individuals and organizations that might be interested, and tweets that quoted the original message. The next tweets occurred from 21 to 24 Maywith the majority The final tweet identified for this analysis was posted on 31 Mayreplying to a tweet from the tweet chat. The tweets posted during the period of the tweet chat itself performed aspects of a critical appraisal of the paper, and explored implications and ideas for free private sex chat research.

There were eight questions posted from the bjsurgery during the tweet chat. The of tweets and tweeters for the questions are shown in Table 1. For six questions the responses followed an exclusively or primarily linear sequence questions 1, 3, 5—8.

For two questions, however, the responses followed a more complex structure, with key contributors making responses across different branches of iprevail chat discussion.

The branching responses to questions 2 and 4 are shown in Figs 3 and 4 live chat couple. Additionally, Dr Martin was involved in all the different strands of conversation within this question. Question 4 also had a branching structure, but also a continuous chain of 19 responses, with further tweets branching off, from a total of 10 contributors, which started from a post on registries.

Although the themes in most of chat english free room questions followed the structure and pawg chat of the paper, questions 2 and 4 covered considerably wider topics: dialogue on shared decision-making, and age versus frailty in surgical patients for question 2; and wider surgical populations and the effect of age and sex, the changing nature of surgery, including more conservative and non-operative options, for question 4.

Source: Wakelet summary 8 of tweets identified in the full analysis and hand searching of Twitter. The geographical locations of 52 tweeters and retweeters were chatting at bjs using the third-party Chat online now free analysis website Twitonomy The remaining tweeters did not have mappable information in their user profile. There were 18 countries represented across four continents, and some tweeters using more general identifiers: worldwide, international, Europe or North America. live chat

These tweets without a specific location were either pinned in the middle of the USA international and worldwide or the Baltic Sea Europe. A retweeter from Barcelona ruthbc93 was incorrectly pinned to a district of Tulsa, Oklahoma, with the same name.

Twitonomy also estimates potential reach, the maximum of views of BJSConnect tweets, as 4. However, as this adds the maximum of followers for each tweet and retweet, this is likely to be a very considerable overestimate. The third-party estimates provided by Twitonomy can be compared with official measurements direct from Twitter via Twitter Analytics 9. There girl i talked to at pompeys corsten 19 tweets posted from the freee chat during the period studied that were visible during the tweet chat.

At that point bjsurgery had 20 followers.

Using Twitonomy estimates, these 19 tweets would have received impressions times that a tweet might have been displayed on a Twitter-enabled device based on the of bjsurgery followers. Twitonomy and other third-party free chat lines girls wanting to fuck also incorporate retweets into their estimates, adding the of followers for each retweeter, for each retweet.

This brings the total of estimated impressions for bjsurgery tweets, using third-party tools, to However, information direct from Twitter Analytics, measuring both tweets and retweets, shows that these tweets actually achieved 41 impressions mediani. Nine bjsurgery ordinary tweets not replies, not quoting other tweets were posted during chat parachat tweet chat period, which were visible in Twitter search.

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Twitter Analytics data recorded 20 impressions, 33 retweets, and nine replies for these nine tweets. Based on these tweets, the bjsurgery Twitter received 16 retweets and 4. These provide estimates of the wide reach required on Twitter to achieve interactions retweets and c2c chat rooms content replieseven during a period when the potential audience would be expected to be more engaged owing to the ly advertised tweet chat.

This analysis has documented the participants and content from the May BJSConnect tweet chat, looking beyond just those tweets that included the BJSConnect hashtag.

It identifies a much wider network of participation than initially suggested when studying only tweets that used the hashtag. The analysis also identifies the very considerable overestimates of potential reach measured by impressions provided by third-party social media analytics tools such as Twitonomy, complementing work on reach and impact on social media These findings provide a much more comprehensive and realistic understanding of the potential role of Twitter in disseminating and discussing clinical research than studies.

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In its broadcasting function, information posted on Twitter leaves a potentially permanent record that retains its sex chat free in vergiate as it is shared around the world. There chat aleatorio not been a technology like Twitter before: one that shares images and text like a book, videos like a TV, but transmitted instantly and in high quality across the world, to followers and people who stumble across the content, allowing immediate interactions without hierarchy.