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There are three ways to pay for Standard s. There are two ways to pay for Expanded s. The type determines how you can use this image.

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CleanChat Discord Bot. CleanChat monk chat a Discord Bot. Its main purpose is to keep other Discord Bots quiet in chat.

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For those of you who don't know what Discord is, it can best be described as a modern-day IRC service. The bots main feature is clearing the initial command, so that only the bots message remain. See an example below:. CleanChat can however be configured in various ways.

You can for example set a free chat room s so CleanChat waits a certian amount of time before she deletes the message. It is also possible to configure CleanChat to delete the bot's message, along with the initial message. In the newer updates, you vedio chats create "CommandChannels". This is text-channel where only commands are allowed. And of course: Let's not forget the purge and purgeChat commands, that make it possible to delete tons of messages clean chat once.

These are just a few of the things CleanChat is able to do. Below you'll find a command list, that explains each and every command in great detail. Did you know?

CleanChat is already in:and she's growing rapidly. And remember to give a HUGE thanks to the people who already supported the development and helped make CleanChat free!

Below is a tutorial video to get started using CleanChat. It will breifly explain how CleanChat works, and demonstrate how to setup a bot, and how to edit a few settings. If you've seen the video above, there's no reason to free chat rooms sunset south carolina this, as this is simply a text version of the video.

To get started with CleanChat, you first have to add CleanChat to your server. You can only add CleanChat to your server if you you're either an administrator, have created the server or have the 'Manage Server' permission. If you have one or more clean chat these permissions, you're ready to go! Click the link above the YouTube video to add CleanChat to your server.

Once need some to talk 2 on the server, there should automatticly have been created a role for CleanChat with the required permissions. Once CleanChat is on your server, you're ready to set her up.

Video tutorial

First you have to register the other bots you're using on your online chat bot adults. A prefix is bl2 some chat character, or sequense of characters you put in front of commands. To register ExampleBot, you'd do:. Once you have executed this command, CleanChat should tell you that it's working.

Now you can try it out. Try executing a command from clean chat registered bot. If your message disappears once you've sent it, CleanChat is setup correctly. Now what? Well, you can customize how CleanChat works by using settings! There are a bunch available, and they can all be found in the Commands-section. Let's try one of them out.

Let's say you wanted to make so Random free chat delete the bot's message along with the user's message. To accomplish this, we have to use the 'deletebotmsg' command. If we look in the command-list below, we'll see that the deletebotmsg command has this syntax:.

How do i clear the chat history?

So we just have to write CleanChat deletebotmsg, and then tag the bot and either supply true or false. We want to enable this setting, so we would obviously use true. Let's do it! When that command has palm desert country adult online chat executed, CleanChat should send you a DM telling you that it's enabled.

Once again, all settings that are available can be found saanichton hot chat lines. With each setting, you'll also find a syntax, and an example of the command executed correctly! Now, the last thing you may want to know is the botlist command. It's a very simple command that will list all bots registered, along with what settings are applied. To use the command, simply do:. It's available at the bottom of the.

Okay night chat lonely women baton rouge. You can use the 'purge' and 'purgechat' commands to clear your chat. The 'purge' has a limit of messages per execution, but the 'purgechat' will clear an entire channel at once. Find the command syntax below. CleanChat also has the possibility of working with webhooks. Webhooks are bot-like 'users' you can have talking in your chat.

To remove an instant message:

There are some differences between a 'bot' and a 'webhook', which makes configuring webhooks different from configuring bots. This is because 'webhooks' aren't treated as a normal user like a bot american sex chat. A bot can have roles, permissions, can be DM'ed and most importantly: can be mentioned.

A webhook however cannot do this, which makes the whole difference. Because of that, not all features from CleanChat can be applied to webhooks.

Clean chat room images

The only setting you can use, is the deletemsgdelay setting. In this section, you'll learn how to set a deletion delay on a webhook so Bunnyranch chat automatticly deletes the webhook message after x-seconds.

This guide only works with webhooks! First of, you obviously want to create the webhook on your server. You then need to find the Trangender chat. Once you know your webhook's ID, you're ready to set a delay.

Clean chat bubble with quotation message vector image

Unlike bots, you do not have clean chat "register" a webhook, like you need to register a bot. You simply use the "deleteMsgDelay" setting with the ID instead of the mention. If we for example wanted a webhooks messages to be deleted after 10 seconds, and alcohol chat webhook ID wasyou'd do:. Once you do that, CleanChat will ackknowlegde that you registered a webhook. This will take up one of your "bot"-spaces in your server limits.

To remove the webhook again, you simply set the deletion delay to 0. So if you wanted to remove a webhook, you could do:.

And it would be removed. Alternatively, you can use the "cleanbots" command to simply remove all webhooks! We'll send a message to that webhook, so you can test it out!

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We do not store any information from this field!! In CleanChat update 1.

The feature would delete messages in a text-channel after a specefied time.