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IRC Channel: dollars-bbs rizon.

How old am I 39
Ethnic: I'm indonesian
My hair: Auburn
I prefer to drink: Champagne
My favourite music: My favourite music techno
My hobbies: Doing puzzles
I like piercing: I don't have piercings

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IRC Channel: dollars-bbs rizon. What happened to Drrrchat.

And it's shut down. As of July 1,every time I try accessing it, only a message in Japanese comes up, translated: "Always Thank you very much for your use of the Durarara!! Actually without permission, this site is chat room moderator have closed by now has a June 30, To everyone of your user We apologize for the inconvenience, but we Thank you very much use this service over a long time until today from March Is this temporary it doesn't sound like itor is it gone for good?

You can start using the other chat website we have linked, drrr. Anyway, a couple.

Your request couldn't be processed

There was a complaint thread on Main, so I'd you want to look at the comments there, feel free. However, you should not bump that thread, because it is now unnecessary since the news i phone chat rooms already out, and people had their time to vent about it.

I believe this problem has been resolved, so this doesn't need to be bumped, I guess. Just great. Now Drrr is going to fill up with cybering chat rooms more than usually has.

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O its weird Somebody also mentioned something about a site called darasu. In any case, please sage your response when asking a question on this thread. Return New Reply.

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