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Constantin Brancusi. The philosopher Socrates remains, as he was in his lifetime — B.

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His philosophy is actually pretty far removed from epicureanism as ordinarily understood.

Epicurus did acknowledge that desires for good food and fine wine were natural. But he actually dismissed such desires as entirely unnecessary. And chat with sex girls seemed to believe that in the long run the pursuit of them would set you up for a life of pain and distress.

Rather, it involved the absence of bodily pain and mental distress. He just thought we should pursue positive pleasures of the right kind. Those would be pleasures brought about by the satisfaction of what he called our natural and necessary desires — simple desires like the desire for food, or for the company of good friends. And that is exactly what Epicurus thought. We already gave an example of a natural but unnecessary desire — the desire for fine food and drink -- with the emphasis being on the fine, here. An example of a completely unnatural desire is the desire for immortality -- a desire borne of the unreasonable fear of death.

Though I am sure some will think that desire not to die is the most natural thing in the world and is perfectly hot girl online chat too, Epicurus thought that that desire just gets in the way and prevents us from living well. The desire for immortality is bound to go unsatisfied. Unsatisfied desires are the main cause of pain and anxiety.

Philosophical perspectives on topics of interest

If anonymous chat india just rid ourselves of things like the desire for immortality and face death with equanimity, he seemed to believe, everything would be alright.

Part of me thinks that Epicurus needs to read his Shakespeare, however.

He tells us that death is the undiscovered country from whose bourn no free instant chat returns. It puzzles the will and makes cowards of us all. It chat sex in bannockburn illinois intrinsically and naturally loathsome.

If Shakespeare is right about that, it would seem quite reasonable to fear death. But I can see Epicurus insisting that Hamlet just proves the point. Ask yourself why Hamlet finds those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune so unbearable. As a consequence he whines on and on about his life and how miserable he is.

And the self-inflicted whining prevents him from taking pleasure in his life. I can hear someone objecting that has a point. Free chat friends bad as life may be, death is even worse. I admit that depending on exactly how you die, the act of dying can be a bad thing.

Who wants to die in a horrible and painful fashion or in some fruitless forlorn war? But the state of being dead? Once Hamlet is dead, there is no Hamlet left to experience either suffering or joy.

After all people do seem to find the prospect of infinite oblivion horrifying. We find it so horrifying that we invented the afterlife to diminish the horror.

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People should be no more horrified by the infinite oblivion that follows death than they are by the infinite oblivion that precedes birth. The one is no better or worse for them than the other. It is, I think, one of his most profound and important insights.

He is a fascinating and provocative philosopher. Though his name is often misleadingly associated with indulgence in sensual pleasures, juggalo chat rooms Greek philosopher Epicurus developed a far-r Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times Apr 17, If the Ancients found themselves transported to the modern world, they would have much to learn about science, technology, and human thinking. Stoicism Mar 09, People who don't seem affected by emotions are often called "stoic. Aristotle Apr 04, Aristotle's philosophical doctrines have permeated and helped shape Western Culture in spheres as disparate as cosmology, biology, ethics, physics, politics, and logic.

Philosophy of Wine Apr 06, The discriminating wine palate: bouquet, nose, great vintages, genius vintners. Are these just myths perpetrated by winemakers and taken up by snobs with too much money to spend? As a liberal, he thought that individuals are generally the best judges teen advice chat their own welfare.

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