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Every month we will be sharing with you an update from the artist-in-residency studio. Being a NAHS Chapter has made a difference on how our students view and share the world of art with their fellow students, teachers, staff, administration, and district.

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These transcripts have been provided thanks to the dedication and time consuming hard work of Millennium fans Libby and Maria Vitale. Millennium - Eileen sheboygan chat line is who we are is extremely greatful to Libby who has painstakingly checked, updated and edited each one for accuracy to make sure that they are as true to the actual episodes as possible.

The transcript on this includes all spoken and visual content providing a full written of the selected episode of Chris Carter's Millennium television series. Please note that transcripts are different to the original Ten Thirteen scripts in that chat tijuana baja california have been painstakingly transcribed from the actual produced episodes for the benefit of resource and interest of Millennium's fans. The original episode scripts may include or exclude varying scenes, explanations and character descriptions and are always of great interest to fans of Millennium.

Scripts of Millennium may be found for sale on Ebay and other auction sites and make ideal collectors freecam chat. InLance Henriksen Millennium's Frank Black teamed up with Sue Myatt formerly of website Lance Henriksen Magic to auction his personal ed collection of 63 Millennium scripts filled with Lance's comments, notes, production sheets and reminders. To quickly view another Millennium episode transcript, select one 100 free webcam chat the list below and click the Show Me button:.

Air Date: 6 February The computer beeps twice. We see Brandon and Anthony, young teens, at the computer. The room they are in appears to be a playroom or family room — there is a table-tennis table behind them.

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The computer search shows " URLs found" and lists the first five. The next web requires registration using a credit card. It also gives the cost. Brandon quickly taps the keyboard, hits escape, and the pair adopt innocent poses. The door to the outside opens and, behind them, a third youth enters.

Transcript of millennium episode "the mikado"

Danny sits down and places the paper down on the desk. He switches the display back from some text — free general chat rooms someone's homework — to the web and enters the URL in the search box. A new web is revealed: "The Mystery Room" showing a woman wearing only underwear, tied to a chair.

There is a — — on the wall behind her. There is a counter on the web, it shows then rolls over to show This time there is a man wearing a hooded gown standing behind the woman.

The web refreshes once more and the woman is shown with blood pouring from sex chatting for free slashed neck. The man is no longer to be seen. The boys are horrified by what they are seeing. The monitor shows "Printing Roedecker's place.

The chat tamil girls is turned over and placed face down on a scanner by Roedecker who then sits at his computer. A series of photos of women's faces is displayed on another part of the computer screen as the comparisons are made. Underneath the address: pviamonte CompuNetServe. address: cvance CompuNetServe. Underneath is the address and " articles posted" and a list of newsgroups reading: alt. Through the glass wall, three dimly-lit figures approach the door.

There's a click, the lights come on and the door opens. Watts, followed by Roedecker and Frank, enter the room. He types into a browser: www. He hits enter, the computer beeps twice, and the screen shows: Invalid password.

He types another password and the free adult local chat rooms beeps again. He types in another password and the computer shows "Access Granted".

The monitor shows Watts in an outside location. There is a third monitor, also showing the view from inside a car. While Roedecker chat indonesia on a desk, Frank is standing in front of the Haverford monitor. An interview is taking place there. The focus then moves to the next monitor: San Jose, Peter Watts and another man outside an apartment door.

There are sounds of chat cat grants pass oregon door being broken down. He now turns his attention to the Columbus interview. He puts the audio switching machine down, leans on the table and sighs. Watts checks the padlock. Watts opens the doors and goes in.

On a table are two large plastic bags, each containing a bloody object about free chat grannies pecos size and shape of a human head. Between the rafters, there are s painted on the underside of the roofing.

Frank sighs and reaches to remove his earpiece. On the wall behind are the s: Frank is watching the screen. Watts enters the room. Frank and Watts talk while the music plays in the background. Scene now shows a flashback to chats estados unidos particular crime.

Then the park, police officers searching using flashlights. The zip is pulled closed. The wearer's face is covered with a mask on which there is a symbol — a circle bisected by a vertical bar. There is the sound of heavy breathing.

The symbol is shown with the inside of the circle cut out and an eye watching through it.

Superimposed over this is the rope being used to bind the woman. The breathing intensifies.

There is a knife with a serrated edge. Online sex chat lines woman's hand clenches on the arm of the chair. There is a slashing sound and the woman screams. Suddenly, Frank wakes up from his nightmare.

He's in the Millennium room. He's wearing a black leather jacket. Roedecker is also asleep, snoring and drooling.

It is still showing the bound woman. The counter re He goes over to the table and adult sex 92505 dating chat up the picture of the earlier murder showing the He puts the photo down on the table and thinks. Then he checks a map: 37 degrees N, and traces along to degrees. At the intersection of the two is San Francisco. Watts enters the room carrying a brown paper bag.

He opens one of the blinds. Then screen changes to an out-of-focus image of someone's eye. Roedecker is giving instructions.


The camera chat line toronto is adjusting appears to be set up fairly high on a wall of an office. After a pause, Watts leans over and switches off their camera, too. He turns it around in his hand, almost absent-mindedly, then notices that the camera is showing his face on a nearby monitor. He turns the monitor around to show Roedecker slumped in his chair.