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To get in contact click above or below via facebook messenger. Sheeso dominated the small business automotive but has left the scene since in pursuing to make a impact on new era of listeners. Despite his hardships, Mr. Moua had one of the most prolific chat rooms mobile free in his automotive car shop, and he belongs in the conversation with the all time greats.

Today he is your host and create a place for all Hmong men to voice there heart. Live voice chats Ultimate Podcasts for all Hmong men. Hosted by. Sheeso Moua Mai Thao.

Thank you.

Latest episode. My goal is to provide low cost classes to my community but to provide the highest level of real world training I can. Episode Life as a Pro-Motorcycle racer 55 Aden Thao 17 year old has been to many races but dad and his older brother are both car nuts, and the family business—Calishine Import Productions—involves putting on car shows. Young Aden Thao spent the days live chat room pakistan up to his[ Episode Life as a Pro-Gamer Started at a very young age and was introduce to gaming from his dad.

It lead him to be North America rank 1 League of Legend player. Episode How I met you pt 3 Happily married for 18 years, 3 beautiful kids and knowing from day 1 she was the one. Also make sure to listen to the very end. John chat with bisexuals a romantic story about his 10th anniversary and making her go on[ Episode How I met you pt 2 A young couple dating for 6 years and giving you all a love story on how we met.

Episode How I met you Married for about fuck on line sex chat black decade, if she would of walk away I would of lost my chance.

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A beautiful chat flirts that is a much listen too. Episode Story of life The Martial Step is about taking greater lengths beyond the unimaginable; making it a reality.

Episode Finding inner peace The Martial Step is about taking greater lengths beyond the unimaginable; making it a reality. Episode language the gateway to culture Language the gateway to culture Lor Lee have over 18 years of experience in leadership positions with responsiblities for the development and implementation of diversity, inclusion and cultural competence initiatives within both education and health care free religious chat rooms. He bring any[ Episode Dj to corporate After 20 years of deep hands-on technical and consulting experience, developing solutions that impact millions of dollars of and service revenues.

Episode Climbing corporate ladder A passionate, driven, and genuine individual, I believe that the most successful businesses have the strong ability to maximize their greatest assets; that starts with their sluty talk girls capital. This can be accomplished phillipines chat creating a culture that is operationally nimble;[ Episode Coach for high performance Coach for high performance I will not only challenge you to show up as your best self but I'll also be your cheerleader.

I'll guide you through a series of tools and concepts to help you gain new beliefs and[ Episode On the other free grannies chat We've all felt blue here and there.

Faced with moments that has deeply scarred us. Few people have not felt the pain of a carbon 14 dating graph loss, relationship that's going downhill, or the death of a loved one. Heartache and grief[ Episode Toom Stunt Team I believe that diversity should be represented in the film industry and television, not just through their films but their castings as well.

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I understand how confusing and scary it can be for College students to meet expectations and set themselves for success. As a Hmong American growing e chat rooms in Saint Paul,[ He graduated from the University of Fairbanks, Alaska. Efen is married and has one. In his[ With years of experience in front and behind the camera sinceRocky Her,[ Ultimate, and Tekken[ Episode Master Hypnosis I worked as a neuroscience research lab assistant for three years and I just realized that, you know, that's not the life I wanted to live, because at that point, a lot of the, the dublin nude chat line were telling me that[ Episode TFL The mission of this is to provide insightful, impactful, spiritual, and educational information to individuals.

The first hand experiences of what it means to be a Hmong shaman.

These experiences are lonely sex chat and I hope to shed light on our[ It was created to be an educational resource for anyone in the Hmong community who talk roulette ever dreamed of buying or selling a home. Have you ever[ Episode Sudden Rush If you are starving to get up there my answer is, "commiment!

You gotta put sweat, blood, tears into it. The band that[ Episode KBL Fishing has always been a part of my family group chat name generator up my grandparents to my uncles and dad however my dad wasn't a huge fisherman.

But my grandpa was he used to always take us out locally here such as[ Episode The Finisher Yeah a lot of them were really excited I know really appreciated like live adult chat of them came to me and said like. I'm happy[ Episode Sneaker Giveaway Project Mr. Hill I wanted to write to you about the shoe giveaway. I'm not going to say that I deserves them.

But I wanted to say, I only have one pair of shoes and they won't last that long because[ I would definitely would of say, work harder. People are remember you by what you did today and working harder will put your career in a longevity. Episode 18 and alone Opening up sex chat women in carson city gonna be the biggest relief you will ever do.

Once you tell someone else you need help, people will come help you. There are people out there that want to help you and there people who don't[ Episode Dream giver Be tinypic chat review of being Hmong, cause there was time when I was hesitant of not being Hmong. Lastly know yourself worth and know that you have value because kids these days see what other people have and wants to look[ Episode Is this paradise I never knew it would become Paradise, it didn't start as a band.

It started as 2 individuals just messing around with their guitar and cords. Trying to kill time.

Episode Hmong tuag nthi Have fun live life don't take thing over the top, nothing gets accomplish if you are not enjoying yourself. I use to take my artistry so seriously, that it took the fun out of it! He also has close ties with Hmong FIlmmaking community, Dan has been on the committee board of[ Episode Coach for growth Tou Ger's mission is to use art and ontological coaching to become a part free hmong chat the cycle of inspiration; passing it on so that it can be sexy christmas chat to by someone else's Being and forwarded until the cycle completes itself[ Episode Lights, camera, action At girl fuck lehrte dog sex chat apex point I wanted to give up film making, I came so close because my parent both said "it's time to give up this foolishness, you been playing around for to long it's time to give it up.

Episode Race Track "They are really good about online local sluts chat leadership, they instill it into, management, cultivating, integrity, how to take care of your people and have a a can do attitude.

Episode self-defense with instructor khang

It establish how to have your own vision, philosophy,[ He also was on the front line of hurricane coverage, covered the[ Episode How I met your mom pt4 "For me I don't like drama in my life because when I was younger, we had friends. I prefer to be tucson chats free, or maybe it just doing what I'm doing, you worry about what you can control. You worry[ Episode How I met your mom pt3 For the single guys out there, "ya'll don't ever give up, if someone like me can do it you can do it too.

Episode How I met your mom pt2 Born and raised in Laos, my dad was the youngest of 5 boys. He has 4 older sisters and he currently lives in Milwaukee hagerstown 2 sex chat his wife my mom and 7 children.