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Consequently it will have been automatically added to both data-bases.

No harm done - just delete the second one to arrive! Whilst you, our Gardeners Chat-Shed friends, may be members of your own gardening clubs and allotment groups you can still share in what we have to offer here by way of gardening tips, news, information and gossip from our "grow your own" fraternity. There's something for everyone in our News-letter! If you're girls free chat good hope georgia particularly interested in the local gossip from our allotment society just scroll on down to something else more general.

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It'll be passed the summer solstice by the time you receive this latest news-letter. That means we're heading back to shorter daylight hours.

How depressing a thought is that? But don't panic too much, think of it this way.

Each day after the solstice June 21st is equivalent to a day before the solstice. So the days will talk to people anonymously very gradually at the rate of just under 2 minutes per day on average, until we get to the winter solstice in December. Brrr - let's move on!

The word 'Solstice' derives from the Latin term meaning funny chat room stood still'as in the winter and summer solstice the sun appears to rise and set in practically the same place. However, for us gardeners it has other major implications!

Effect of Daylight Length on Plant Growth. Day length is critical to the growth and lifecycle of a lot of plants. Many plants use the length of the day to judge when to flower or set seed. Different varieties of plants will react to day length in different ways.

That is why our onions are geared towards a 14 hour period, whereas varieties more suitable for the tropics use 10 hours as a trigger. At the equator day length is uniform around 12 hours. Like a solar power processor, a plant uses the energy from sunlight to power its growth. Contrary to popular terminology that's based on old beliefs, plants don't get food via their roots - just nutrients and water, in fact all their food energy free random sex chat produced by photosynthesis, i.

Temperature, nutrient levels in the soil and water are all important - but without sunlight plants will not grow.

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The more sunlight, the more energy is available for the plant to power that growth. Day length is particularly important to show growers who artificially push vegetables to maturity for a show rather than when they would naturally be ready. There are also lurking problems - very often after the solstice, for obvious reasons. Bolting is triggered either by cold spells or by the changes in day length through the seasons.

Although bolting is only seen on crops approaching maturity, it is initiated much earlier. Annual crops will flower naturally in the first year, whereas biennials do not usually flower until the second. In annual crops, bolting occurs before they are ready to gather and, in biennials, when an over-wintering organ carrot roots for free online chats with strangers flowers before the winter.

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Annual crops: Annual crops sensitive to photoperiod how many hours of daylight received include lettuce, some radish cultivars and spinach. They are long-day plants, which initiate flowers when day length increases. It is a natural progression for spring-sown annuals free discreet sex chat run to seed as summer progresses, but this can happen prematurely under the influence of stress or day-length Biennial crops: Some biennial crops which grow in the first year, flower in the second such as onions, leeks, carrot and beetroot can initiate flowers in the first year.

This is due to unsettled weather conditions early in the season and usually occurs after a prolonged cold spell, often during the propagation phase. Cold nights, hot days and late frosts may also contribute to premature initiation of flowering. Sowing times With cold-sensitive plantssowings can be delayed until temperatures are more stable. Alternatively, for early crops of vegetables such as onions, beetroot and kohl rabi, plants can be raised in modules in a greenhouse and planted out when temperatures are warmer, or they can be directly sown under cloches dalton adult chat horticultural fleece to provide additional warmth.

Spring cabbageswhich are always quick to bolt in spring, should be sown around 20 July one week earlier in the north and one week later in the south. Although such crops will still run to seed in chat sex essex vermont, they will bolt later than crops sown earlier, while later-sown crops may be too small to survive winter. Successional sowings will also help to achieve a constant harvestable supply if the season is changeable.

To prevent bolting in Chinese cabbage and other oriental brassicasthese crops should be sown from July onwards. I mean that in the nicest possible way!

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It's the annual "defence strategy to fight against aerial attack" time again! I'm talking "poor brassicas" and the barrage of attacks they have to endure. With them it's mostly the dreaded "fly" that brings online minneapolis minnesota chatting love minneapolis minnesota. Much trash has been spoken in the past - sad to say mostly by organic gardeners unfortunately - when it comes to pest control.

It may be a poor flier and does not fly at great altitudes BUT I've seen carrot kerala friends chat fly get at plants in barrels - well above eighteen inches.

Sowing your carrots next to your onions may slightly confuse them, but not for long. You start messina nude chat your carrots and they'll home in - onions or no onions! So don't get carried away or disappointed.

Folks, there's only one sure-fire way to protect your crops properly and that's to set-up a physical barrier between your crops and the predators. On this front there's good news.

Enviromesh has for a long time had a bit of a monopoly when it comes to the fine mesh market, consequently it's been a bit heavy on the old pocket. However we now have an el mirage arizona xxx chat in the form of Veggiemesh.

Same stuff at a fraction of the price!

That MUST be good news. Now there's better news for you subscribers to our news-letter. If you would like to order any of the above by post then you can download the pricelist as a PDF form, cookeville adult chat you can print, fill in and send off by standard post.

To download the form click on the PDF download icon opposite. The of people in Wales waiting for an allotment has not reduced for two years, says the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners. Allan Rees MBE, chairman of the organisation, said 4, people were still waiting to have an allotment. Monday sees the start of National Allotment Week. In June, First Minister Carwyn Jones set out plans to ensure minimum standard for the amount of land Welsh councils should devote to allotments. The National Society of Switzerland chat room dating and Leisure Gardeners, which has 5, members in Wales, argues there needs to be more emphasis on providing allotments.

Councils have a statutory duty to provide allotments under the provisions of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act A Welsh Government spokesperson said: "We are very aware of the increase in demand for allotment plots over recent years and know that in many parts of Wales demand is not met by supply and free okanagan chat rooms no registration there are vast differences in waiting times for plots.

The Rural Development Plan for Wales, helps organisations, free chat xx farmers' markets and city farms to set up new schemes and manage groups of volunteers. Lets hope they keep it up! A Welsh assembly member has called for a vacant plot of land next to the Senedd to be turned into an allotment site for members and staff.

Julie Morgan said a large empty site at the side of the building would be ideal for chat rencontre food. Cardiff North AM Mrs Morgan asked whether the assembly's authorities had thought about developing the site. She said she was already growing tomatoes on her office window sill in Cardiff Bay. Speaking during questions in the Senedd, she asked whether the all-party assembly commission, which runs the estate, had considered negotiating with the owners of the land around the Senedd "in order to develop food growing buffalo chat rooms involving dirty chat rooms free and assembly members?

It could be done in partnership with other organisations, including the URDD youth movement she said. The vacant site, which faces out into Cardiff Bay, is the size of several tennis courts and is one of the few areas to have remained empty since the area was redeveloped in the s.

Commission member Peter Black commended Mrs Morgan for growing tomatoes and said he hoped they would be offered around the chamber at some future date.

However, he added that the issue with regard to the plot of land was "one of resource". He said: "There is a plot of land adjacent to the Senedd but it is not owned by the assembly, and I think we would chat lines in indianapolis to take a judgement as to whether we would want our staff actually out there tending to the vegetables as opposed to delivering the service which members have come to expect of them. Mrs Morgan's husband, former First Minister Rhodri, is a grow-your-own enthusiast.

When asian adult chat stood down in he said he hoped retirement would allow him more time to spend in his allotment. The work is completed - Wales has become the first country in the world free chat line phone number DNA barcode all its flowering plants!

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This scientific breakthrough opens up huge potential for the future of plant conservation and human health. The work to make Wales No 1 in the world was carried out at the National Botanic Garden in collaboration with Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales and project partners from various universities. Plants can now be identified from pollen grains, fragments of seed or roots, wood, dung, stomach contents or environmental samples collected from the air, soil or water.

This technique opens up a whole new set of uses for our greece down free naughty sex chat. DNA barcodes are short sequences of DNA which are unique to each species and can be used to identify plant chat nude girls from tiny fragments of plant material.

They have a whole range of applications from conserving rare species to developing new drugs. She has collected honey from across the UK and is testing its ability to kill hospital acquired infections such as MRSA. She will then Chat rooms naked barcode the honey to find out what plants bees visited to make it. Ms Hawkins said: "By DNA barcoding the honey, we are looking for links between honey with good medicinal properties and particular plant species.

She said: "Wales is now in the unique position of being able to identify plant species from materials which in the past would have been incredibly difficult or impossible. DNA barcoding may be able to help in the crisis facing pollinating insects such as bees, according to Dr de Vere. Research will find out where hoverflies go by DNA barcoding the pollen carried on their bodies. It erotic sex chat tell researchers "how hoverflies move through the landscape and the importance of habitat quality," said Mr Lucas.