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This is a wonderful CD. I didn't realise that Hugh Laurie was both a jazz singer as let s chat moosomin, saskatchewan as a pianist. The added bonus is the DVD of him in New Orleans - the television documentary that was televised a few years ago.

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Dianne Wiest sits demurely, a bookshelf behind her, broadcasting from her computer. Candice Bergen reclines on her couch, holding her iPad over her head. For his latest film Let Them All Talkdirector Steven Soderbergh put the three acting legends on a ship and, well, let them all talk.

So it only made sense for EW to casual sex indian wells chat rooms the same — albeit over Zoom, rather than at sea.

The ensuing conversation will mark their first extended discussion of the mysterious movie, which arrives on HBO Max in December. She invites two of her oldest friends Bergen and Wiest and her nephew Lucas Hedges to her on truckers chat voyage aboard the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner, setting up a gabfest filled with reminiscence, regret, and repartee.

And so we do. Meryl, you were just coming off of another Soderbergh project, correct?

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I had wanted to work with him for a really long time. I'm a big free adult eastbourne chat of his work — it's so varied and adventurous, and you can't pin him down. Whatever you want. I'm dying to, yes, yes.

He was doing the camerawork, so you sort of watched his brain right behind the camera, spinning like a top.

It was really interesting. And short. We barely shot two weeks, I think. I told [Soderbergh] he was gonna ruin everything for every director, and every production deer, and everything else, because he made the movie for 25 cents talk to females for free I know that's what I was paid.

Then it was made in two weeks, sex chat net it was a free ride on the boat. The only equipment was sound equipment. Steven held the camera in a swedish chatting and just rolled along. None of the lights, and the trucks, all that stuff that goes into making movies, there's none of it.

There was Steven and this new camera. I was going to ask about the script, because the dialogue has such an improvised feel. Well, yeah, it does, because it is. I mean, they would give us the outlines of a situation, and then we knew where we had to end up. But they didn't tell us how to get there.

And then we filled them in, if we could. She was there all the time, and she was so generous, and you could ask her anything. She would tell you what might come up sex chat 65457, and remind you, because we shot in sequence, which was another incredible gift that Steven gave.

But Debbie was there all the time, and she was wonderful. And there was no lecture in the script! I said, "Well, what is she gonna say about this author from another century?

It was a very rich kind of Bible from which to draw. But it was terrifying every night, because you just had to get ready and think [of], you know, what you're gonna say. So d i d the three of you spend much time talking about your characters' backstories and relationships? I think we were so poland chat room up, or I was so caught up, in the absolute moment of what was going on. But everything was so heightened, fwb chat ladies norfolk connecticut when Steven said, "Go," you could forget about the terror, because you really had to pay attention to what was going on if you were gonna make any sense at all.

If you didn't pay attention, then you should keep your mouth shut. He wanted there to be mysteries surrounding everybody's interior quest.

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chat hot peoria swingers That's the feeling I got. And so we didn't even discuss it amongst ourselves. We kept our cards close, so that it would be something that would unfold over time. And maybe we'd figure out what was going on by the end, but it wasn't laid out.

It was a few paragraphs, but it was so original and so rich. And the way she described the characters was so unusual, and sort of oblique.

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Candice and Meryl, your characters have this sort of fraught relationship throughout the movie. How did stranger chat go about developing and depicting that? I thought she didn't like me. I thought, "What did I do? What did I say to her?

Right, Candy?

We worked so fast, so there wasn't a lot of time to sit around and schmooze about work. It was over so quickly.

STREEP: The other thing was, you go to bed, and you're just trying to remember what you did all day, because you're going to build on it the next day, porn chats we were exhausted. You know, we'd get up in the morning, shower, put on our costume, which was really our clothes, our own clothes — and not my jewelry, sadly.

But we'd get up and then start shooting it. When I ate breakfast dirty mature sex chat laplace Lucas in the morning, that's me eating breakfast with Lucas in the morning.

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BERGEN: I don't think we ever went out to dinner together, because we worked 'til 10, and then I chat matures cygnet order tomato soup from room service and go to sleep.

And it was wonderful. You never saw such a good-looking director and crew. The sound man was in tux, the boom man was in tux, Steven was in tux, the crew was all in tux. It was a magnificent ship. Truly, the most beautiful ship I've ever seen. And beautifully maintained.

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Not a stone unturned. What about the activities that your characters were doing, and the corners of the ship that you were exploring — was that something the opposite sex chat and Steven figured out, or did you go according to what areas of the ship you all wanted to see?

Lucas went everywhere. I know he went scurrying around, he knew everything about the ship. But [Soderbergh] was so generous; he didn't put the camera on adults sex chat burlington board, so you didn't see him do anything. It didn't matter. I could just say I won, or you won. But I think one of the reasons he had us play games is because there were all these nooks and crannies that you could put a game in, a little corner which was very private. And we had some very private discussions in those corners.

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I'd like to talk about your characters a little bit more. How did it feel to take on material like this? I thought that the character of Roberta was just larger than life.

Her whole engine is about naughty chat hollywood ok back at Meryl for ruining her life, and she wants remuneration. Debbie had written that she grew up dirt poor, and the only pet she had was a snake. I thought that was the best detail for Roberta.


And her father was an oil rigger, so I went to Texas and I saw an oil rig, because, of course, I was working with these chat puebla, so I thought, "I better prepare as much as I can. I remember you saying that you loved animals. I said, "Well, I have a great vet.

You could get an apprenticeship with the vet.