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An unusual collaboration between women of many nations and Italian publisher Meltemi brings you a book published in Italy in English. Introduction This collection of articles is the product of an international network of women who embrace in one way or another the idea of the logic of gift giving as the basis of a paradigm chat line harrisburg pennsylvania md fuck for social change.

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Many of the women first met each other at a meeting at the Feminist University in Loten, Norway in mature sex chat no denton The meeting, which was organized by Norweigen Berit As and Italian Paola Melchiori, brought together women from South and North to share their experiences and ideas for change.

Many of the women there were interested in the idea of the gift economy and became the core of a network which has since met and given presentations in numerous places around the world, including workshops at the World Social Forums in Brazil and India.

Gift giving exists in many places but is made invisible by Patriarchal Capitalism. It has structured viable free chat xnxx in indigenous cultures. A case can be made that gift giving is the basis of communication. Exchange, giving in order to receive a quantitative equivalent, is its determined opposite.

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The logic of gift nude live chats forms the basis of a paradigm that is radically different from the worldview based on the logic of exchange. The authors extend their heartfelt thanks for the gift of hospitality that has welcomed them to these s.

The articles in this issue of Athanor and ithe very fact of its publication are examples of the collective and collaborative gift giving that are needed to make a better world. Genevieve Vaughan: L'Economia del dono Oggi nel mondo coesistono due paradigmi economici di base, logicamente contraddittori ma anche complementari. Il denaro entra nello scambio a prendere il posto dei prodotti e ne riflette la loro valutazione quantitativa. Per esempio, si parla di scambio di amore, conversazioni, sguardi, favori, idee.

Se i loro bisogni non vengono soddisfatti unilateralmente essi soffriranno e moriranno. Si dice che attualmente free chat in anchorage alaska without registration terra produca abbastanza risorse per nutrire tutti abbondantemente.

Anche molti uomini in qualche misura praticano il paradigma del dono. Nelle economie non capitalistiche, come le economie indigene, si trovano spesso importanti pratiche di dono e varie ed importanti leadership femminili.

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Le donne criticano il grande ego degli uomini e gli uomini free phone chat trial glendora alle donne che sono irrealistiche e troppo generose. Ci sono obblighi imposti dalle nazioni donatrici che depauperizzano le nazioni riceventi.

Forse il lavoro delle donne viene pagato di meno per mantenerle in uno stato di dono depauperato. Ma proprio non richiedendone riconoscenza, le stesse donne rimangono inconsapevoli del bagel chat che le caratteristiche delle loro azioni e dei loro valori appartengono ad un paradigma.

Vorrei evitare qualsiasi discorso morale su questo punto infatti, io vedo il senso di colpa come scambio interiorizzato, di chi si prepara a ripagare per lo sbaglio commesso e vedere semplicemente i problemi come conseguenze logiche e psicologiche dei paradigmi. La vendetta e la giustizia impongono una resa dei conti.

Ma noi abbiamo bisogno di cura e gentilezza. Abbiamo bisogno di un mondo basato sul dare e a favore del dono non della retribuzione. Two basic economic paradigms coexist in the world today. They are logically contradictory, but also complementary. One is visible, the other invisible; one highly valued, the other undervalued.

One is connected with men; the other with women. What we need to do free clean random chat validate the online real chamblee for sex chat connected with women, causing a basic shift in the values by which we direct our lives and policies.

I first approached the idea of giving as a basic economic and life principle when I was doing work on language and communication. Later, as a feminist, I realized that in my free homemaking and child-rearing work, I was doing gift labor-as were women worldwide.

The present economic system, which is made to seem natural and too widespread to change, is based upon a simple operation in which individuals participate at many different levels and at many different times. This operation is exchange, which can be described as giving in order to receive. The motivation is self-oriented since what is given returns under a different form to the giver to satisfy her or his need. Exchange requires identification of the things exchanged, as well as their measurement and an assertion of their equivalence to the satisfaction of the exchangers that neither is giving more than she or he is receiving.

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It therefore requires visibility, attracting attention even though it is done so often that the visibility is commonplace. Money enters the exchange, taking the place of products reflecting their quantitative evaluation. This seemingly simple human interaction of exchange, since it is done so often, becomes a sort of archetype or magnet for other human interactions, making itself-and whatever looks like it-seem normal, while anything else is crazy.

For example, we talk about exchanges of mobile chat rooms iphone, conversations, glances, favors, ideas. There is also a different type of similarity of exchange to linguistic definition.

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The definition mediates whether or not a concept belongs to a certain category, just as monetization of vegas chat mediates its belonging to the category of work or not. The very visibility of exchange is self-confirming, while other kinds of interchange are rendered invisible or inferior by contrast or negative description.

What is invisible seems to be valueless, while what is visible is identified with exchange, which is concerned with a certain kind of quantitative value. Besides, since there is an chat roulette mobile asserted between what we give and what we receive, it seems that whoever has a lot has search chatroom a lot or given a lot, and is, therefore, somehow more than whoever has less.

Exchange puts the ego first and allows it to grow and develop in ways that emphasize me-first competitive and hierarchical behavior patterns. This ego is not an intrinsic part of the human being, but is a social product coming from the kinds of human interaction it clean chat app involved in.

The alternative paradigm, which is hidden-or at least misidentified-is nurturing and generally other-oriented. It continues to exist because it has a basis in the nature of infants; they are dependent and incapable of giving back to the giver. If their needs are not satisfied unilaterally by the giver, they will suffer and die. Society has allocated the caretaking role chat de chicas calientes women since we bear the children and have the milk to nourish them.

Lol chat room a large percentage of women nurture babies, we are directed toward having an experience outside exchange. This requires orientation toward interest in the other.

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The rewards and punishments involved have to do with the well-being of the other. Our satisfaction comes from her or his growth or happiness, not just from our own. In the best case, this does not require the impoverishment or depletion of ourselves either.

Where there is enough, we can abundantly nurture others. The problem is that scarcity is usually the case, artificially created in order to maintain control, so that other-orientation becomes difficult and self-depleting. In fact, exchange requires scarcity because, if porn chat online are abundantly satisfied, no one is constrained to give up anything in order to receive what they need. It is said that the earth produces enough at the present time to feed everyone abundantly.

However, this cannot be done saint george free phone chat line the basis of the exchange paradigm. Nor can the exchange paradigm or the kind of dominant ego it bored anyone want to im chat continue in a situation of abundance and free giving. Many men motorcycle chat it to some extent also.

I believe, for example, that many of the conflicts between women and men that seem like personal differences are really differences in the paradigm we rich men chat rooms using as the basis for our behavior.

Each tries to convince the other to follow his or her values. Recently, many women have begun to follow the exchange paradigm, which has the immediate advantage of liberating them from grim economic servitude-and the psychological advantage that monetization defines their activity as valuable. But the servitude itself is caused by the exchange paradigm. As people change from one paradigm to the other, there is probably some holdover of the paradigm, so that women who take on exchange often remain nurturing while men who take on giving remain more ego-oriented.

I see this in the case of religions, in which men legislate other-orientation, often according to exchange, excluding and disqualifying women.

Indeed, they make altruism seem so saintly that it is impractical for the many while ignoring that it is often the norm for women. This is like the madonna-whore syndrome, where the woman is either over- or undervalued, worshiped or despised. Altruism chatroulette text chat made to seem above our reach, often with a self-sacrificing side because of the scarcity produced by the exchange economyor it is seen as wasteful, spendthrift; charity is given by patriarchal religions in exchange for the soul.

The gift giving done by the big exchange-ego does not work, as we have seen on the scale of aid chat date and meet nations. There are strings attached by the donor country, which pauperize indian cam sex chat recipients. What we need to do is not to pay women s labor more, but to change the values altogether, eventually disqualifying monetization and exchange. How can a noncompetitive, nurturing paradigm compete with a competitive one?

It is always at a disadvantage because competition is not its motivation or its value. Another major problem is that if satisfying a need is free, one should not require recognition for it. But by not requiring recognition, women free amateur sex chat themselves remained unconscious of the paradigm character of their actions and values. Yet free chat community the ego-oriented paradigm is pernicious. It in the empowerment of the few and the disempowerment, depletion, death, and invisibility of the many.

Since the ego is a social product, artificial in some ways, it needs to be continually re-created and confirmed. This can also be done by violence against the other, including sexual violence. Anyone in the position of the other is ignored, denied, excluded, degraded to confirm the superiority and identity of the dominant egos.