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Journey to Aranathra. Authors note: Always appreciate the favs, messages, etc. Thank you for the support and hope you continue enjoying the story! Here comes the chat rooms free adult of the story! There's some kinky stuff, but most of this is plot and intense stuff.

After this, there will be one more chapter left. at damijon gmail. Please donate to nifty as well! Without them, you wouldn't be able to enjoy these stories. Hunter lays on his back in the tent he shares with his husband. Toby stretches and yawns and begins undressing. After the honry chat of today, losing River and then getting him back Toby grins. Slowly he peels off his tunic and undershirt, stretching his arms to the ceiling and holding them high.

He knows how much Hunter loves his pits.

Pretending to yawn again, Toby continues to undress slowly. Stretching and stopping to let Hunter get full chilliwack sex chat rooms of his body. It works, as Toby notices Hunter's bulge grow and harden. I may just fall asleep as soon as my head hits the ground. No, not yet!

Naked chat kalten acres too early! Using a set of tools he bought from a demons coffee shop, he brews some coffee and fills it with one cup worth for both of them to share. There's a strong vanilla and honey flavor at the backbone of it with a hint of strawberry. Hunter strips naked and begins to shapeshift back to his human form for the first time since before they left.

His red hair is longer than before, drooping to his eyebrows and starting to cover his ears. He leans forward to kiss his husband without noticing his erection poking into Toby's belly button. Toby returns Hunter's kiss with a passionate kiss of his own. As he does so, he leans backwards, pulling his husband along with him.

They end up with Hunter on top of Toby, their mouths ed as one and their tongues engaged in one prolonged wrestling match tweaker chat rooms each other. Their cocks both harden and the boys slowly grind their erections against each other.

Hunter moves the mug of coffee so that he can better hold his hubby. He moves downward, kissing each nipple, then down further as he reaches for Toby's cock. He holds the back of Hunter's head with both hands, taking and releasing handfuls of chat whore, red locks, almost like a cat kneading its paws when contented. His other hand rubs against his chat alternative porn thigh while the other strokes him as his head rises up.

Wouldn't that be boaring? He moans and pulls on Hunter's head, pulling him all the way down on his cock again. Once his mouth is tired he moves to the jar of grease, examining it for a moment.

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Have we really been fucking free attleborough adult phone chat much? The ginger kneels on one leg, his erection pointing toward his love as he begins to finger himself in front of him.

Toby climbs to his knees. He watches Hunter finger himself. He grabs Hunter's cock and shimmies forward, bringing their dicks together. Slowly, he moves his hips forward and back, holding their cocks against each other. We shouldn't overdo it, though. We still have to get River and Asher to the shrine tomorrow. We're close, but River didn't look very good at supper. We may have to bring him along unconscious. Then he slaps Hunter's ass, smiling.

Now, get that ass up higher so I can fuck it good and hard, husband.

After Hunter is done preparing himself he begins greasing up Toby's cock and responds back to him, "Fuck me good enough and I'll pass out real fast after we're hot granny wanting chat rooms. Honestly, I agree though. We should leave early and if River is asleep, we'll just have to let sleep on the horse.

We've made it this far, hun. Nothing is going to stop us. Toby takes his position behind hunter. He slaps his husband's ass two or three times, bringing a pink tint to the flesh. Gently, he uses his thumbs to spread the cheeks and moves his cockhead against Hunter's hole.

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He grabs his dick and move the head in campbeltown discreet chat circle, tickling and teasing Hunter's hole. They've fucked dozens of times, if not hundreds of times. After some initial resistance and tightness, Toby slides all the way in. Hunter's ass is hot and welcomes Toby's dick like a long lost friend.

You feel so good.

He starts slowly, but builds up speed and force, fucking Hunter harder and faster. Fuck that ass. Pre-cum drizzles out of his tip as Toby grinds against boudior naughty sex chat taken for you prostate.

And again. He switches hands, slapping the metal chat rooms cheek loudly. Your ass tightens up on my dick when I slap it. Feels incredible. I'm gonna fuck you until you cum, mkay? Holding tightly, he leans forward, fucking more rapidly and more forcefully. The sound of their body's slapping together excites them both. If he could, he'd be the bottom every time, but he knows that sometimes Toby likes to get a thick cock in him as well.

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The ginger warns, "I'm gonna cum soon. I won't cum until free online depression chat do. He slides his hands up Hunter's back, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him back every time he thrusts forward. He can feel the tip of his cock jabbing Hunter's prostate with every thrust, and his husband grunts and moans each time.

Their combined moaning and the sound of their flesh smacking together fills the tent. Cum for me and let me see you eat it Here it ladies hot chat

There's so much of it that some leaks out of his palm. I'ts been a while since he's came this much. He brings his hand over to his mouth, slurping it all into his mouth with one lick before eating it. He throws his whole weight into sex chat boston plus forward thrusts, driving his cock deep into his husband, his head slamming against Hunter's prostate again and again.

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The sight of Hunter eating handfuls of his own cum is enough to tip Toby over the edge. Five more ropes of cum are fired into Hunter's ass before Toby halts his thrusting.

Leaning forward, he lies on Hunter's back, wrapping his arms around his chest. He holds on, keeping his cock deep inside his lover. Semen slowly drips from out of Hunter's hole. Eventually, Toby's cock softens and pops right out. The two of them rock together, as they laugh and kiss. Think of the sex we're going to have to have after we save River and the prince. Think of the sex we'll have when we're finally back home in our own beds again. Toby cuddles with his beloved husband. He kisses his face, pulling him into his neck.

I mean, I know your parents and mine support us and all, but we get mature adult chat of loud sometimes.