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HealthfulChat invites you to the Parenting Chat Roomforums and social network. Parenting without a doubt is complex and often very frustrating. Whether you're a single parent raising on your own, a stay-at-home parent, a two-parent household where both of you work, grandparents who suddenly found yourselves raising wee ones again, or the plethora of different types of families out there, HealthfulChat is the place for you to come and discuss parenting issues of auburn chat line numbers free kinds, create new friendships and hopefully have a laugh, as, let's face it, kids can be very funny sometimes!

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No more lunch dates with my colleagues on Fridays.

My age 45
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Languages: Italian
What is my body type: My figure type is muscular
In my spare time I love: Drawing
My piercing: None

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Does anybody else have a boring husband?! Turning 40 - Need help being positive. Do you miss being pregnant and in labour?

The best things about az chat a stay-at-home mum. What does being on the At Risk Register Mean???

Boring being a sahm???

Son being interviewed for Head Boy, what questions might they ask?? Am I being unreasonable-next door neighbours with drum kit! Boring being a SAHM???

Today I am calling it stuck at home, rather than stay at home. I am just finding it so flipping boring lately. Yes, I know I am lucky because I am not forced to go to work - although we struggle to make ends meet, if I did work we would be out of pocket with chat tonight like old times expenses trust me, we've done the figures!

I just wondered if anybody else thinks the days really draaaaaaaaag sometimes when you're at home? Of course there are days when I'm out and about doing chat larchmont and the time flies by, but today isn't one of those.

How to make new friends as a stay at home mom

See last answer. Your browser chats adultos gratis play this video. I find it either crazily busy or as boring as hell! Search for a thread.

I feel like I'm losing a little bit of myself with every day that goes by! General chat Does anybody else have a boring husband?! General chat why is being a Housewife deemed as being Lazy!! General chat Turning 40 - Need help being positive. Katherine C I'll lend you my daughter if you like.

After a couple of hours of her non-stop talking you'll positively crave quiet tedium! In answer to Anonymous.

In answer to Katherine C Ooh no don't misunderstand me it's not quiet With mount gambier chat room pregnancy, i am finding it tedious because i cannot move around so much! Am looking forward to having a parttime job though.

I do, normally. Like I say I often don't stop but the last few days have been so. Also we lost one of our cats this week he was only just over a year old and got run over so I think that has something to do with me losing my mojo, I just can't get excited about anything today. General chat Do you miss being pregnant and in labour? General chat The best adult only chat rooms about being a stay-at-home tattoo silhouette chat.

Parenting chat room

Sex chat turbeville south carolina C Yep I was bored to tears and that was only on mat leave. I love ds with all my heart but I felt I was losing me as I was in a managers role which was stressful but I loved it as I used my brain. I have now gone back part time and already feel better plus financially we are much better of as DH works shifts and has ds most of time.

I just needed that office role again aswell as mummy time.

Can't find your answer? Sharon H I have worked as childminder, nanny or been a SAHM for the last 13yrs! Karen S Would absolutely love to be a stay at hottie usa chat mum but just cant afford to.

Just feel like the time I have with my son I run round like a maniac doing shopping, cleaning, taking x chatrooms out ect. Although when I was on maternity leave I found between four and seven really dragged as I was subconsciously waiting for my husband to come dh chat.

Im a SAHM to my 2. But im now nearly 12 mature women chat in schwarzsee pregnant and I can honestly say it was easier working full time when I was pregnant with DD than it is now free chat line 14001 a SAHM and been pregnant, im shattered! General chat Son being interviewed for Head Boy, what questions might they ask?? General chat Am I being unreasonable-next door neighbours with drum kit!

Aimee 2. In answer to Sharon H I have to disagree slightly with this. You can be on the go with your children all day, and really enjoying yourself and your children, but it can still be mentally boring.

20 mom groups worth ing on facebook

I love being able to do what I want, when I want with the kids, I love going across the fields, taking them to the park, baking cakes, splashing in puddles, but I still find it boring, mentally. I have to read and do OU or I would go mad. I find that only having to think about which puddle would be best to splash in, how many eggs we have for cakes, and where the missing piece for the board game we want to play is, and reading Julia Donaldson just isn't doing it for my brain, fun yes, stimulating, no.

I ddnt work because it was impossible due to childcare, but things have changed and I think its nearly time. Alice Registration free chat I think like any other job, it has it's chat free girl and downs. I'm generally busy but maybe have one day a fortnight where Talk to god chat dnt plan anything and whilst I normally like our home days, sometimes they are just plain boring.

Sorry to hear about your cat, I thunk your perfectly entitled to mooch around and feel like you do. Hope next week is better. Help See chat rules.