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Wise Chat is a leading chat plugin that helps to build a social network and to increase user engagement on your website by providing the possibility to exchange real time messages in chat rooms. The plugin is easily installable and extremely configurable. Its features list is growing all the time. The plugin is supported by its authors. Buy once, use forever! Check Wise Chat Pro! Move customer engagement to the higher level! Wise chat can install Wise Chat using dedicated widget.

Shortcode documentation. You can install Free chat without registration in gujarat Chat using dedicated shortcode. For full documentation of the shortcode visit the website:.

The channel will be created during the first usage and it will be added to the list of channels on Wise Chat Settings in the Channels tab. From now the channel free online chat rooms sex secured and only users that enter valid password are allowed to.

The name of the channel can be specified as well. You can do it by yourself. These are all texts that are exposed to end-users.

The interface is responsive, but you should enable submit button in order an user could send a message. You can enable a form that appears every time a new user tries to enter the chat. The plugin has its own implementation hay want to chat n see bad words filtering mechanism.

Currently it supports two languages: English and Polish.

Latest commit

It is turned on by default. Next to each message there should be a button that allows to ban an user for 1 day. Notice: IP addresses are actually blocked. Next to each message there should be a button for kicking the user who sent the message. Click on the message input field and use arrow keys free chatting online with friends and down to scroll through the history of recently sent messages. From now an user has to be logged in as a regular WordPress user in order to gain access to the chat.

There is a counter for each user. Every time an user types a bad word in a message the counter is increased. If it reaches the threshold by default set to 3 wise chat user is banned for 1 day the duration is configurable. Log in as an chat latino new warrington.

The button appears only for logged in administrators or other choosen role. Use the button to delete desired messages. From now users belonging to the selected role have permission to delete messages. It could be either standard WordPress role or a custom role.

The image will be downloaded into Media Library and sext text chat displayed on the chat window. Those downloaded images will be removed from Media Library together with the related chat messages either when removing all messages or a single one.

If an image cannot free public sex chat downloaded the regular link is displayed instead. The option requires a few prerequisites in order to operate correctly: GD and Curl extensions must be installed, Media Library must operate correctly, posted image link must have a valid extension jpg, jpeg, gif or pngHTTP status code of the response must be equalimage cannot be larger than 3MB the default limit that can be adjusted in settings.

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Try to read PHP logs in case of any problems. By default all images open using Lightbox 2 library but only if the library is installed within current theme or a dedicated plugin. The free chatroom bootle is compatible only with the original Lightbox 2 library. You can use filters feature. From now each occurrence of the phrase will be replaced by the defined text in every message that is posted to any chat channel.

Every 3 seconds the plugin checks for new messages using AJAX request. By default admin-ajax. However, it is the most compatible solution. This option wise chat dedicated backend script that has naturist chat lot better performance.

Valid CSS syntax is required. All messages from the selected channel will be downloaded as a CSV file. By default — no, however, you can enable auto-cleaning messages feature. Messages older than given amount of minutes will be auto-deleted.

It is impossible to provide options to customize every aspect of user interface. Please use CSS styles to adjust styles to your needs.

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Plugin detects EXIF data in images. If EXIF data indicates that the orientation is correct then also nothing will happen.

Make sure that openssl extension for your PHP installation is loaded and works correctly. In most cases theses errors are caused by missing openssl module.

Wise chat features

Just use Wise Chat Channel Users widget. It displays a block containing list of online users for given channel. You can additionally set:. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Thank you to the translators for their eau claire adult chat. Translate into your language. View support forum. Donate to this plugin.

Description Wise Chat is a leading chat plugin that helps to build a social network and to increase user engagement on your website by providing the possibility to exchange real time messages in chat rooms. Multiple chat installations can be embedded on the same. Mobile ready : Fully responsive hawaii sex chat and mobile ready interface. Themes : Use one of 3 nice themes to quickly adjust the style of the chat.

The simple theme adjusts to your styles. No external server required : There is no need to set up, maintain or pay for a server. Regular hosting is sufficient.


Unlimited Chat Channels : Let people post messages in dedicated chat rooms called channels. Run multiple channels either simultaneously on the same or on separate s. Private Chat Channels : Make individual chat channels private by protecting them with a password.

Only users that know the password could access the channel. Channels management : Remove all messages from the single channel or delete the channel completely. Anonymous Users : Unregistered or anonymous users can be allowed to participate in the chat. Auto-generated name configurable is ased to such user. Anonymous Users with custom name : Let users to choose their name when they visit the chat for the first time.

Registered Users : Registered and logged-in users are properly recognized by the plugin. Single -on : No separate to the chat is required. Read-only mode : Make the chat read-only for anonymous users. Encourage your users to register in order to post messages. Users limit in channels : Limit the amount of users allowed to participate in a channel.

Channels limit for an user ontario chat online 24 girls Wise chat the amount of channels that an user can participate simultaneously.

User settings : Chat users have options to change their name, color of their messages or mute sounds generated by the chat. Restrict access : Option to permit access for registered and logged-in users only.

Flood Control : Detect spammers and block them from ambw chat messages in the chat. Posting links and images : Option to allow clickable links and images. Posted images are downloaded into Media Library. Pictures from camera : On mobile devices users can take a picture directly and post it with a message. YouTube movies : Display links to YouTube movies as a video player with adjustable width and height.

File attachments : Attach files directly to the messages using convenient er. Multiline messages : Let your users post long messages in multiple lines.